Toys R Us Sale Details Starting To Leak

Toys R Us unfortunately has to close all of their stores, but they’re going out with big sales, and we found some details of their discounts.

By nowproducerdave on March 21, 2018
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Who doesn’t love a sale, but especially when you might actually NEED what’s on sale? Truth be told, we don’t really NEED toys, but if you’ve got a child’s birthday coming up, or maybe you can find something else you might need, like diapers or batteries, etc, Toys R Us is going to be having some big sales as they’re closing their doors. The details about the sales have leaked (or were released by them directly, who knows), and we bet they sell out of everything pretty quickly.

All the stores will be closed completely by May 14th, and we’re certain that much of their inventory will be mostly gone by then, so if you need something, make sure you get in early. The liquidation sale begins tomorrow, March 22nd. The Krazy Coupon Lady is saying that items on sale will keep being discounted by an additional 25% each week after another (so what’s $100 this week will be $75 next week, then $56.25, then $42.19, etc). The sales are running until the final day (May 14th), and then liquidators will sell off the rest of the products, and probably even store fixtures, like shelves and even office chairs. Hey, everything must go, right? No returns will be allowed, apparently.

In addition to the actual Toys R Us sale, people are unloading their old, unused, or partially used gift cards as well. There’s a website that will let you buy those cards, with verified balances, for a 20-25% discount off the value of the card. See that here. Some Apple products are being reported to be as much as 50% (sometimes higher) off already. iPods, Apple TV, etc. That’s an unheard of discount. Toys R Us sells diapers too – those are going on discount, and if you’ve ever had to buy diapers, you know how much a discount of those things is much needed. Lego toys seem to be coming in at about 15% off, which is also a big deal. Fisher Price toys are clocking in at 50% off, according to the website. Baby things like strollers, high-chairs, car seats, etc, are coming it around 40% off.

Check out all the full list of items/discounts for the Toys R Us sale over at The Krazy Coupon Lady, and I wish you good luck when you’re battling the lines of customers that Toys R Us hasn’t seen in years, unfortunately.

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