Are We Totally Sure The Earth Is Round?

Some research has found a link between age, income, and belief about the earth either being round or flat.

By nowproducerdave on April 6, 2018
(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

I know, I know, “not this debate again,” right? But really, people these days are really starting to doubt things. Like, 1/3rd of people. Well, “millennials.” Specifically, 9% of those asked have “always believed” that the earth is flat, and 16% said that they aren’t sure what shape the earth is.

Reporting just the facts of the research (not getting into opinion here, though I can probably guess what side we’re all on), there were 8,215 people who took part in the survey. About 2/3rds (66% total) of millennials all say that they believe the earth is round, while the remaining ones either say that they “always thought” that the earth is flat with zero doubt (2%), or that they “always believed” the earth was flat (9%). Another 9% were doubtful about the earth being round (despite believing it before). The remaining 16% say that they don’t know what shape the planet is. I don’t know who did their math, but that works out to 102%, so….

The study also discovered that a respondent’s age was linked to what they believe as well. 76% of the adults out there (25-34) were more likely to respond with “always believed” about the earth being round. 82% of people aged 35-44 say they “always believed,” along with 85% of people aged 45-54, and 94% of people aged 55+. The researchers also found a link between income and belief, with 92% of people who make over $80k saying round, but only 79% of people making under $40k say round. There are some more interesting reads about the research here, like most of the people who say the earth is flat consider themselves to be “very religious.” It’s just interesting to see the links between things like that. Check it out!

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