Here Are The Top Haunted Places in Sacramento

‘Tis the season for ghost, jack-o-lanterns, and paranormal activities! Have you been to these “haunted” spots in Sac?

By bonneville on October 8, 2019
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We’re just a few weeks away from Halloween and Sactown is a hotspot for “haunted” places! According to Haunted Places, Sac has been a popular city for unexplained “paranormal activities” and spookiness over the years! Take a look at some of the most haunted places in Sacramento below! 

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Iceland Ice-Skating Rink

I just heard a scary story about this ice skating rink in Sacramento from a coworker and I probably will do my skating elsewhere after hearing it’s apparently haunted by the original owner ‘Pops’ Kerth who also built the ice rink. Many have seen his ghost wandering the halls, and he’s reportedly most active at 4 a.m.

The Sacramento City Cemetery

It’s no surprise to hear that a cemetery is considered haunted, but this one, people have reported seeing a ghostly dog that follows them until disappearing, a couple dressed in black, and ghost girl that plays next to her grave – just got the creeps thinking about this! 

Old Sacramento Tunnels

I heard TONS of stories about these haunted tunnels. According to locals, the tunnels underneath Old Sacramento were the original streets of the city they were raised to prevent flooding. People have felt a menacing feeling while walking in them, and unexplained noises have been heard emanating from within. Have you felt this visit Old Sac.?

Sand Cove Park

This might be a park you wanna stay away from, it appears to be the home of a ghostly woman who has been heard saying “te papa” in an area near the Sacramento River, some believe the place used to be a burial ground – no thank you.

The Delta King Riverboat

I had lunch on this boat, and honestly, felt a creepy vibe on the boat. Previous employees have reported seeing the Captain’s ghost sitting in the balcony watching the productions and made his presence known by knocking over a glass of water near the soundboard in the sound booth – creepy right?

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