The Top-50 Albums Of 2017 Excluded Ed Sheeran

The “Best Albums of 2017” have been listed, but the list is missing a couple NOW artists we think should have made the cut.

By nowproducerdave on November 28, 2017
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

This list comes from Rolling Stone, and includes the likes of Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Lorde, Harry Styles, but for some reason, Ed Sheeran was missing with his Divide album, which came out in March.

Taylor Swift made the list to no one’s surprise. Her album Reputation was the most-sold album of 2017 in its first week alone with 1.2 million copies. It even sold 41% more copies than all the other albums on the top-200 chart combined. She came in at number 7 on the “Best Albums of 2017” list.

Sam Smith’s new album The Thrill of it All hit the list at number 10. It’s coming after his first album which was basically just as successful, and it has a totally different sound, too. Pretty awesome!

Harry Styles hit the chart at number 17 with his self-titled debut. He went a little rock, which is still fine by us, and we totally expect his next album to be even bigger.

Other notable mentions that made the list of “Best Albums of 2017” include Paramore, Lana Del Rey, Bob Dylan (yes, really), Randy Newman (Toy Story’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and other Pixar films), Gregg Allman… But decidedly absent – Ed Sheeran. No explanation, he just didn’t make the list for some reason. We’re a little upset about that!


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