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Top 5 Worst Commutes In Sacramento. Is Yours On Here?

Is your commute among the worst in Sacramento? I hope not. According to new data from various GPS services and American Community Survey, Sacramento’s average commute time is 26.5 minutes, which is above the national average and 5th in California.

Breaking it down further, these are the 5 longest commutes in Sacramento.

Averaging 20-24 minutes: Citrus Heights to downtown. Gotta be that construction on Hazel and on Hwy 50.

Also averaging 20-24 minutes: Rancho Cordova to downtown. Again, thanks to Hwy 50 construction

Averaging 25-29 minutes: Antelope to downtown. Mainly because of surface streets.

Averaging 30-34 minutes: Elk Grove to downtown. Because 99 sucks.

And, number one, averaging over 34 minutes: Galt/Delta region. Because, again, 99 sucks.

See what other commutes made the top 10 here!


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