Toddler Locked Mom Out Of Phone For 47 Years

This mom is regretting her choice to let her son play with her phone after he locked her out for 47 years. Get the details here.

By nowproducerdave on March 9, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A locked phone for that long sounds like something out of a bad sitcom, but it’s true. A toddler playing with his mom’s iPhone entered the wrong passcode in so many times that the phone just kept racking up a time-lock delay. Oops.

Let’s start by talking about the iPhone security. You have one (probably), so you know what’s up for the most part. The iPhone has a feature that adds time to how long a phone stays locked after too many attempts to get in. It’s a security feature designed to prevent people from gaining access. Every time you enter the code wrong, a few more minutes gets tacked on to that delay. Anyway, this mom says she gave her phone to her son so he could “watch educational videos,” and he somehow activated the security feature.

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I’m not sure how many minutes get added to the delay timer when you enter the code wrong, so I can’t do the math to figure out how many times the toddler entered the wrong code, but he entered the code incorrectly so many times that the phone’s security locked the phone for well over 25 million minutes, which works out to about 47 years. That’s about 31 new phones, if you replace yours about every 18 months.

Apple’s security is so good though, that apparently even their technicians can not get access to the phone to unlock it manually. That phone is effectively useless. Though there’s probably a 13-year-old hacker out there who can get in within a matter of minutes. Maybe Craigslist can help with that. Check out some more on the story here. Have you had to deal with a locked phone like that? Has your kid ever locked you out? Have you locked yourself out? For how long?

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