This Year’s Most Popular Place To Shop Is…. The Toilet?

The most popular places to shop in 2017 are from bed, and from the toilet, according to some research from PayPal.

By kmvq on November 13, 2017
(Photo credit KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Yep, nearly half of us will be shopping from the toilet this year, thanks to smartphones and online shopping apps like Amazon, EBay, or all the others.

PayPal did the survey and research, and discovered that 46% of us shop on the toilet. That’s up 24% from last year. That’s a significant increase in a short time. Another 49% of us (probably some crossover) will also shop from bed. Which isn’t good for our sleep, by the way, since we shouldn’t really look at screens before bed. Research has shown that the light activates our brains, making them more awake, but that’s another story altogether.

At work? 42% of us are shopping on the clock, instead of just the pot. Another 35% will shop while walking through an actual store. Sure, online shopping is convenient, sometimes cheaper (but retailers are catching on and pricing competitively, and you don’t have to wait for shipping), but are we going too far? It’s estimated that by 2020, 45% of all shopping will be done online. Is it too easy? Do you find yourself spending more now than you used to, even 5 years ago, just because of convenience? If retail stores had easier-to-use apps for shopping, would you buy from them and pick up in person, sort of like what Nordstrom is working on?

No matter if you’re shopping in stores or from the toilet, just wash your hands and maybe wipe your phone down now and then.


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