There’s An Ed Sheeran Documentary In The Works [VIDEO]

Ed Sheeran is starring in a many years in the making documentary about his personal life, and it should be getting released soon.

By nowproducerdave on February 20, 2018
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Someone is working on a documentary about Ed Sheeran called “Songwriter.” Not just working on, but really living on it, since it’s been in the works basically since 2011. Murray Cummings has been working with Ed on some other projects, including a couple music videos. He’s been collecting footage over the years, however mostly between when Ed was travelling for his “Multiply” tour in 2015 and when Ed released his current album, “Divide” last year.

The idea for the documentary was for Murray Cummings to “capture the spark, the initial idea behind the hits.” He wants to show all the inspiration that goes into writing songs – and an entire album or two. Cummings says that he wants “to show an ordinary guy who is really good at his job rather than the superstar who people scream at,” adding that it will just be the Ed that he sees every day.

There will be other songwriters in the film, including Johnny McDaid (Snow Patrol, engaged to Courtney Cox), Amy Wadge (co-wrote “Thinking Out Loud’) and some others, including a producer who was afraid of flying, so he and Ed wound up taking the Queen Mary 2 across the Atlantic Ocean in 2017. And yes, there were plenty of Titanic mentions during their cruise, says Murray.

It’s set to be released sometime this year (Feb 23rd in the UK, possibly the same date in the US), and we’re actually really excited to see it. Here’s a trailer that we found for the documentary on YouTube:


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