There’s A ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography’ Competition, Hilarious [PICS]

We just discovered that there’s a comedy wildlife photography competition which spotlights all the goofy animals in the wild.

By kmvq on November 10, 2017
(Photo credit JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE/AFP/GettyImages)

This just made our day, and it’s totally worth looking at to help you thorough the day too. There’s a “Comedy Wildlife Photography” competition, and it’s just chock-full of hilarious pictures of animals doing goofy things, or just caught in the wrong moment. Example, this picture of a lizard who really loves this rock:

Or this creature who… What kind of flower is that anyway?

Or this little guy who bit off way more than he could chew:

Entries for this year coming in this and fast. Much like the corn in this fellas mouth! #funny #funnyanimals #cwpa #stuffed #comedy

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All great photos, and every one of them is funny in some way. Check out the 2017 gallery here, as well as the winners from previous years. You’ll be laughing in no time.

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