The Spice Girls Have Turned Down A $80 Million U.S. Tour, Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Could old drama within the Spice Girls be the real reason why they turned down a HUGE U.S. tour worth $80-$100 million? Scroll down for the full story!

By bonneville on January 9, 2019
(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

The Spice Girls are one of the most iconic groups in music, in my opinion, and after hearing WHY they opped out on a U.S tour, I’m a little upset. If it’s on your bucket list (like me) to see them in concert, looks like there will be a zero chance to see them tour the states anytime soon. The Spice Girls reportedly turned down a HUGE U.S. tour worth $80-$100 million because they’re worried that the more time they spend together, that it could re-open old troubles and problems within the group according to NME. Sounds like to me there’s still drama in the group on the low and differences haven’t fully been put to aside or resolved. I hope in the future they can put the drama to aside for fans to see them perform Wannabe live! PRESS PLAY for a Spice Girls jam out sesh below – you’re welcome!

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