The Boy's You Always Wanted to Be are Back

By Doug Lazy on July 1, 2010

HBO… man what can’t they do right? That is a very hard question to answer with a couple of weeks ago starting season three of True Blood and just this past sunday rolling out season 7 of Entourage. That’s right the boys are back for more adventures. Click for more This season starts off as Vinnie Chase is back on top making another blockbuster movie,  Ari is the head of the biggest talent angeny in the country, Turtle running his own driver service, E, Vince’s manager is working at a huge firm and about to get married, And Drama still being black-balled out of television. In the first episode this season we find Vince working on a movie in wich he gets pressured to do his own stunts. The rest of the gang in certain turmoil as the show always starts off. What will happen to them that is something that we will all love to find out… Keep posted Now will bring you more.

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