The 10 Most Popular Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now

By bonneville on May 12, 2020
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Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Look no further, I have just what you’re looking for – a list of popular binge-worthy shows! No surprise, “Dead to Me” starring Christina Applegate, and Linda Cardellini is the most popular show on the streaming platform (IT’S SO GOOD, I finished the show in a day.) The teen beach drama, “Outer Banks,” comes in second, then “Hollywood,” a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in the 1940s work to make their showbiz dreams come true (another show I highly recommend watching) round out the top three popular Netflix shows to binge-watch according to HuffPost. Check out the full list below!

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10. “Pup Academy”

9. “The Last Kingdom” (Netflix Original)

8. “Grey’s Anatomy”

7. “Rust Valley Restorers” (Netflix Original)

6. “Never Have I Ever” (Netflix Original)

5. “Ozark” (Netflix Original)

4. “Workin’ Moms” (Netflix Original) 

3. “Hollywood” (Netflix Original) 

2. “Outer Banks” (Netflix Original)

1. “Dead to Me” (Netflix Original)

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