Teen Bites, Breaks Retainer During ‘Black Panther’ Shirtless Scene

A teen girl broke her retainer because she bit down when a shirtless Michael B. Jordan came on the screen, and became an instant internet celebrity.

By nowproducerdave on March 8, 2018
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney)

A girl was watching the new “Black Panther” movie, and she apparently was a little excited when Michael B. Jordan appeared shirtless in the movie. She says that she bit down on her retainer during that scene so hard that she actually broke the steel wire, and had to go in for an emergency repair.

As the way Twitter does, the post featuring her orthodontist got back to her, and she posted a response in the thread, which went viral itself. You can see the original post (which contains some colorful language) by the orthodontist here, and her response about finding the post just below:

No, she wasn’t really going to kill herself. She later revealed that people were actually calling the police to report suicidal behavior. Let that be a lesson on word use and exaggeration/being dramatic about situations.

But wait, there’s more. Not only did the post get back to her, but the post also got the attention of Michael B. Jordan himself. He’s got a history of an active Twitter feed anyway (as evident by this post going off on a hater), so we’re not that surprised that he would actually respond, but it was what his response was that was the best part:

What a great story, hah! Oh, as for the orthodontist who posted the story – the girl says she was ok with it, and legally he didn’t do anything wrong since he kept names and identities out of the story, so we’re certain that he’s not in any hot water at all for posting about it. We’re glad he did, that’s hilarious, hah! Read a bit more about the series of events here.

Cliffs notes – Girl breaks her retainer because she clenched her teeth when shirtless Michael B. Jordan came on screen, Michael finds out, and offers to buy her a new retainer.

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