Teacher Goes Viral For Creating Disney-Themed Classroom Using Her Own Money [VIDEO]

The 2019 school year is officially in session and this teacher is stepping it up for her kindergarten class in an EPIC way!

By bonneville on August 14, 2019
(Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Disney)

A video is going viral of a kindergarten teacher in Florida giving a tour of her Disney-themed classroom and its EVERYTHING! This teacher did an amazing job desinging her classroom to help kids interact and learn with a touch of Mickey and Minnie Mouse included! She’s also getting HUGE props because she had to use her own money to make it happen for her students according to her tweets! Check it out below!

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Cool right?People are now asking Disney to give her and the students a free student trip to Disney World on Twitter and offering to help with her teacher wish list on Amazon! 

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