Taylor Swift’s Stalker Threatens To Kill Her Family

Some new charges have been filed against a man who has been stalking and making death threats towards Taylor Swift and her family.

By nowproducerdave on January 18, 2018
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for dcp)

Taylor Swift has a few problems with stalkers. They’ve broken into her house, they’ve come to her apartment, they’ve told police that they need a gun so he could “protect her,” and they’ve even threatened to kill her entire family. Oh, that last one, that’s the one this story is about.

Ok, so this one has been going on for a little while. It started back in May of 2015. The guy, we’ll omit his name, started sending Taylor Swift’s father some emails. These emails are apparently so detailed, that the indictment-document about just one of the emails reached 122 pages. In the email, the man said things like: “Decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day because I can’t stand that virus ____ your daughter spread,” and “The evil family of devils: Scott, Austin, Taylor, Andrew. Sincerely, the end real son of god.” The guy is clearly upset at the Swift family for some reason.

The man has been arrested before, in 2016, because he was apparently following Taylor around while she was in Texas. The new charges that he’s wanted for include stalking and “repeatedly violating a restraining order.” These emails are hopefully part of the new charges against the man, since they’ve just been made public. No word on why they were kept private for so long – perhaps just because it takes time to build a legal case, but hopefully police are able to use the emails to help get this guy put away.


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