Taylor Swift Going Huge With ‘Reputation’ Tour

Taylor Swift just dropped some new info about her upcoming “Reputation” tour, and she says it’s going to be massive.

By nowproducerdave on April 30, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DIRECTV)

Taylor Swift is holding nothing back in her new “Reputation” tour. She’s already breaking records for attendance too, despite the shows not even starting yet. Her first show is May 8th in Arizona (University of Phoenix Stadium) is expected to have more people in attendance than One Direction did in 2014. And One Direction had a total of 56,524 people for their show. That’s a significant amount of people.

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But how is Taylor Swift going bigger and better? There will be a total of three stages set up. The two “B” stages, the secondary ones, are each just as big as the main stage of her last tour. Her main stage will be massive, and will also have a huge video wall that flows into the floor of the stage. Yes, that means Taylor Swift will have a video floor on her “Reputation” tour that people can see from way up high in the crowd. The main stage is 110 feet tall, she says.

There will be plenty of dancing too. Taylor and a group of dancers have been rehearsing pretty much non-stop for the past few weeks. There’s no doubt that the dancing will be tight, and there will be a lot. We don’t have details, but we’re fully expecting a massive production just on dancing itself, in addition to Taylor’s (probably unique) dancing and singing. With a stage that big, we can assume that there will be props and “scenes” as well. We’ll have to wait and see for sure. For some more info on what she’ll be doing in her show, check out the info here. Have you ever seen one of Taylor Swift’s shows? Could you imagine it being even bigger and better?

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