Target Creates Halloween Costumes For Kids Who Use Wheelchairs

Target was inspired to create costumes for kids with disabilities and parents everywhere are cheering – and they’re affordable!

By bonneville on July 25, 2019
ALEXANDRIA, VA - FEBRUARY 20: Shoppers leave a Target store February 20, 2003 in Alexandria, Virginia. Target announced a modest four percent increase in profit for the fourth quarter of 2002. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Halloween is less than 100 days away and Target unveiled their costumes for the spooky season with a few costumes for kids with disabilities. According to CNN, Target has created Halloween costumes for kids who use wheelchairs and they’re affordable and adorable! Take a look at Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique’s pirate and princess costumes below!

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Pictures courtesy of Target

Cute right?! Target was inspired to create these costumes so more children can take part in the holiday fun! The pink princess-themed costume, complete with a wheelchair cover that will turn it into an enchanted carriage. Parents will also love its wheelchair-friendly design, which includes specially made pants with leg openings wide enough so you can put them on when your child’s shoes are already on. The pirate costume cost $25, and the princess costume costs just $20. The additional wheelchair coverings are each $45! 

The costumes are only available for pre-order as of now but will be fully in stock August 22!

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