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Dana's Dirt – Monday 2

Published by <p>Hilary Duff got married on Saturday! Mel Gibson CRASHED HIS CAR INTO A HILL??? Jesse James is moving on from […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – Friday 2

Published by <p>Michael Lohan wrote and recorded a song for Lindsay… Tara Reid got drunk in France with an infamous NBA star! […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – Thursday

Published by <p>Will Leonardo DiCaprio star in the next Mel Gibson movie? Lindsay Lohan needs some family time before rehab… what does […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – Wednesday 2

Published by <p>Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to shut it!  That picture just struck me as funny, I didn’t actually take the time to […]</p>

Dana's Dirt Thursday

Published by <p>Lindsay Lohan is not dead – but she is trying to avoid jail time! Exciting news for Winnie Cooper (who […]</p>