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Dana's Dirt – Wednesday 2

Published by <p>Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?  And what does Bill O’Reilly think of her? Kourtney Kardashian harassed by fans who hate Scott […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – FRIDAY

Published by <p>Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend are seeking counselling? Scott Disick is in rehab, it’s about time! What does Barbara Streisand […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – Monday 2

Published by <p>Russell Brand got into a car accident… Scott Disick’s drunken rage – why is Kourtney still with him?? Michael Lohan […]</p>

Scott Disick punches a mirror!

Published by <p>So just the other day I told you in the dirt that Kourtney Kardashian has been defending her baby daddy Scott Disick, […]</p>

Dana's Dirt – Thursday

Published by <p>Will Leonardo DiCaprio star in the next Mel Gibson movie? Lindsay Lohan needs some family time before rehab… what does […]</p>