SZA Reveals She ‘Permanently Injured’ Her Vocal Chords

In a series of Tuesday night tweets, SZA made the startling revelation that her vocal chords may be permanently damaged.

By austind03 on May 30, 2018
SZA Voice, SZA Vocal Chords Damage
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SZA may have only recently broken into mainstream music, but her career may already be coming to an end…

According to Vulture, the singer revealed that her vocal chords have suffered permanent damage. Worries over her voice became public last week when SZA took to Instagram to explain why she was missing an indefinite number of tour dates. As a result of heavy touring, her vocal chords had become swollen and her label was making her rest as a precaution.

She also added her own message to fans in the post, saying:

“For anyone who hasn’t seen this . I’ve been touring for 11 months. This didn’t happen overnight . Ive been troubleshooting for a while now and Usually steroids and pushing through help. They don’t this time . I’m not sick my voice just won’t fucking work😔 🤷🏾‍♀️. If I don’t pause now I’ll be forced to pause permanently . I’m genuinely sorry for every face,voice ,and energy field I won’t be touching ! I’m literally taking as many steroids as I can to speed this up!! Its a waiting game and super weird to be blamed for stuff outta my control but I get it ! again .. I’m sorry..I’ll be right back . Pray for me or don’t . Preciate u either way ❤-S”

However, in a series of Tuesday night tweets that she later deleted, the singer revealed things were worse than people previously thought. She first said:

“My voice is permanently injured . Great !!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYUUYH!!!!!!!!’n”

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She followed this with another tweet, saying:

“Tonight was the test . That settles that.”

She finished off her tragic revelation with a request for privacy while she tries working through everything:

“I jus wanna be left alone my priorities are f***** up . They been f***** up . I need space goodbye .”

While fans are hoping for the best, it’s unknown if and when SZA will recover.

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