Study: People Over 40 Shouldn’t Work More Than 3 Days Per Week

How AMAZING does a 25 hour work week sound? See why this new study says people over 40 shouldn’t work more than 3 days per week…

By Doug Lazy on April 29, 2019
BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 14: People work at computers in the community space of Factory Berlin on July 14, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Factory Berlin is a commercial space that has sought to attract tech companies and startups and so far has rented out office space to international brands including Uber and Pinterest as well as local startup SoundCloud. It also maintains the community space, which brings together international software and app developers in a work environment meant to foster common creativity. Berlin has succeeded in drawing young tech talent from across Europe and the world and is now hoping to also woo tech startups from London following the uncertainties created by the Brexit vote. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

If you’re over 40-years old and feel less productive after a full work week – it’s not your imagination! A new study says that 40+ shouldn’t work more than 3 days per week! says that a new study that was published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper says that people who are over 40 “are at their most productive when they work three days a week or less.”

What does their study say?

After a series of cognitive tests, the researchers found that people over 40 “cognitive performance improved as the researchers increased their working hours up to 25 hours.” After 25 hours, however, performance started to decline in both male female test subjects.

What about those who are working more than 55+ hours?

The article says that subjects who worked more than 55 hours per week, “showed cognitive results that were worse than those who were retired or unemployed.”

Read more on the study HERE

Go ahead and print out this article and give it your boss! We can’t guarantee that they’ll cut your workweek but it’s worth a try! 🙂

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