Study: Dogs Understand More Human Words Than Previously Thought

Your dog can understand a lot more than “sit” and “stay”!

By Doug Lazy on December 4, 2019

Your dog is a smarty pants (but you probably alreay knew that). A new study says that dogs understand even more human words than prevously believed… says that a new study from the University of Sussex discovered some facinating things about how our dogs understand our human language.

According to the article:

  • The dogs responded strongly to the first word they heard, looking at the speaker

  • As different people repeated the same word, the attention span of the dogs drifted

  • When the word changed slightly (from ‘hood’ to ‘had’ for example) the dogs showed more interest again

  • Scientists explained that the dogs were able to recognise short words spoken by various people

One of the doctors from the study said that they know of dogs than understand 75 different human words! To read more on the study, CLICK HERE

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