‘Stranger Things’ Is The Most In-Demand Show On TV

“Stranger Things” is on its way to becoming the most watched show after already topping the chart of most in-demand shows.

By kmvq on November 9, 2017
(Photo credit VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

That’s some big news. The show is even in stronger demand than “Game of Thrones.”

An “independent data-science company” did the research, and they found that “Stranger Things” is the most in-demand show, as in the most people want to watch it, whether they have already or not. 69.9 million “demands,” to be roughly exact. The next closest in numbers? “Game of Thrones” had 54 million, followed by “The Walking Dead” with 53.5 million. That’s quite the jump from #1 to #2. By the way, those numbers are just from the first week of the show’s release.

Within the first three days of release, “Stranger Things” saw actual views of 15.8 million, just on the first episode. The average views for the whole of season 2 are just 4 million views per episode, but those numbers are only increasing as more people get the chance to watch.

Have you seen “Stranger Things” Season 2 yet? Have you seen the first season? Do you want to watch?


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