Starbucks Shows Off New Holiday Cups, Tries Hard To Not Offend [PIC]

Starbucks announced their new holiday cups for this year, and it seems like they’re trying really hard to not offend anyone at all – did they succeed?

By nowproducerdave on November 1, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Starbucks, traditionally, releases a new holiday cup design every year. This year marks the 21st year, starting back in 1997. Wow, the “Titanic” movie can drink now.. Weird. Ok, back on topic. The coffee shop chain has also been battling a lot of hate for their cups, with someone being offended by the design. Whether it’s not Christmas-ey enough, or too Christmas, or promoting “agendas” they disagree with. It’s been a mess.

Well, Starbucks is really trying hard this year to not offend anybody. They’ve released four new cups with different designs. One of the cups is made up of different shades of red-stripes. Another has a green argyle design, like a sweater. Another one has a sort of “wispy” houndstooth pattern. And the fourth is decorated with a holly-leaf and berries pattern. They’re supposed to be non denominational, and basically just reflect the season more than a specific holiday. There’s also a red cup.

The cups are supposed to be in-stores tomorrow, November 2nd. Do you care what the Starbucks cup looks like? Do you think it’s just become too big of a deal, and just want your coffee? See some more information about the cups over here. It would appear that people are just sitting and waiting to see how the cups are taken.

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