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By Doug Lazy on August 17, 2010

Not too bright!FBI: Bank robber leaves debit card behind

August 17, 2010 2:06 PM | No Comments | UPDATED STORY

A woman charged with robbing more than $11,000 from a Waukegan bank was captured less than 40 minutes later after leaving, among other clues, her personal debit card on the teller’s counter, according to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI.

Kimberly Ramirez not only left her debit card, she wrote her demand note — “give me what you got” — on the back of a prescription made out in her name and left it at the Consumers Credit Union, 2750 Washington St., around 12:57 p.m. Monday, according to the complaint.

When Waukegan police arrived at her apartment building at about 1:30 p.m., Ramirez was outside her unit and told police she’d locked herself out.

Inside the apartment, police found almost $10,000 as well as a black hat, sunglasses and black purse identical to the ones worn by the bank robber, according to a criminal complaint.

Waukegan police also spotted a red vehicle that matched the description of Ramirez’s getaway car and pulled it over. The driver told police he had picked up a woman at the credit union and had been paid $1,235 to drive her around, cash the police then recovered, according to the complaint.

Ramirez is not the first bank robber to leave her name behind.

In December 2008, a man charged with robbing a Chicago bank wrote his demand note on the back of his own pay stub.

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