Sheriff Saves Kitten Frozen To Boat Dock [VIDEO]

This is the cutest kitten ever and this story thankfully has a very happy ending. Be sure to get the full story right here!

By Admin on January 5, 2018
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

First of all this is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen in my life.

Okay now to the story….

A stray kitten in Kentucky had fallen into the water from a boat dock. Once out of the water, the kitten was frozen to the actual dock. Roy and Laurie Jasper saw the whole thing happen from their at home security camera but where unable to help. After awhile of the kitten not being able to get itself free they called the Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Ernie Kelty came to the rescue. He did exactly what I do to my windshield when it’s frozen (don’t yell at me, I know you’re not supposed to do this) he poured water on the kittens paws to thaw him out. Then he cut the remainder of his frozen fur and wrapped him up in his shirt. Ernie saved the kitten and gave him to Roy and Laurie who named him after his hero, Ernie.

SOURCE: Lex 18

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