September 18th Is National Cheeseburger Day, And That Means Deals

It’s National Cheeseburger Day, and I totally know what I’m going to have for lunch today, it’s just a matter of what deal I want to take advantage of.

By nowproducerdave on September 18, 2018
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Today, September 18th, is national cheeseburger day. Of course that means you can find free or discounted burgers around town. Whether it’s a special burger, a discounted deal, or even if you’re shopping for a grill for your back yard, you’ll probably find something you want today.

Let’s start with the obvious chains. Wendy’s is giving away a free “Dave’s Single” with any purchase. That one is actually for the whole month of September. Sonic has a deal where you get a half-price cheeseburger after 5pm. Apparently that happens every Tuesday, it just happens to fall on cheeseburger day this year. Johnny Rockets will give you a free burger with another purchase if you sign up for their newsletter. Habit Burger is giving you a coupon for a free burger for this month if you make a donation to “No Kid Hungry.”

The less-obvious ones, like IHOP. Remember their marketing campaign from a few weeks ago, with the “P” turning into a “b?” Well, they’re giving you free pancakes on national cheeseburger day. You just have to buy one of their burgers, a Steakburger, to go with it. Even more less obvious, Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart have a couple deals on grills. You know, so you can make your own burgers. I support that deal.

It does not appear that In-N-Out or Five Guys has any sort of deals today. And if you have a favorite spot around town like Burgers And Brew, Monsoon Burgers, or somewhere else, I’d recommend calling ahead to ask before dropping by. Like said above, most of these deals are from the more “chain” style places, but even Five Guys and In-N-Out aren’t participating, so, you know.. Deals above found here and here.

EDIT: Just found this awesome recipe for cheeseburger soup, and my life is complete.

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