This Senior Prank Got The Student Arrested [VIDEO]

When your Senior prank involves riding your dirt bike around in the hallways, you tend to get hauled away in cuffs.

By nowproducerdave on June 8, 2018
(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Senior pranks at the end of the school year are meant to be harmless and comical. They’re usually fun to plan, and always funny to watch happen. This one was worth a laugh, but authorities and administrators didn’t think so.

It used to be that a simple prank was enough to cause commotion and give everyone a good laugh and a story for the day. I think we did things like putting bubble bath in the courtyard fountain. Harmless, funny, non-destructive. I’ve heard of people releasing chickens or pigs in the school, three of them with the numbers “1,” 2,” and “4” on their side. Aside from lost time searching for the missing #3, and probably mopping up some messes, that one was funny. These students listed their school for sale, which is brilliant. Another group “crashed” a car into their principal’s office – that’s original and absolutely hilarious, and gave a good message.

This student crossed a little over the line. He decided to bring his dirt bike to school, and ride it through the hallways. Yes, funny to see a dirt bike running through the hallway, but there were a couple problems. One, it’s clearly against school policy to allow a dirt bike in the school. It can’t take tests, there’s no need for it to be there. Two, he did it while people were walking in the school. That’s certainly a danger, as on the slippery floor he could have easily collided with someone and caused serious injury. Three, it probably ruined the floors in a couple spots, which is destruction of property. He did actually “clip” a girl with the handlebars, and she did have a minor injury.

Anyway, there’s a video, maybe watch on low volume though, one of the students filming has quite the vocabulary. Check it out here. Either way, it made for a laugh, but the dangers of it outweighed the prank aspect, and he was hauled off in handcuffs. Senior pranks should never cause harm, nor should they get you arrested. Either way, business was as-usual later in the day. See some more on the story here.

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