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See The 230 NEW Emojis Including New Foods And Animals Coming Soon [PIC]

Get ready! 200 NEW emojis are going to be on the next Apple and Google update in fall! The hand making a pinching gesture emoji will be my new fave! Check them out below!

Good news! We’re getting NEW EMOJIS – like 200 of them! The emoji council, Unicode Consortium just announced 230 new emojis will be on the Apple and Google update in fall according to Buzzfeed.

From new foods like a waffle and a juice box to new animals, flamingo and skunk PLUS tons of emojis showing more diversity, we’re going to be overwhelmed with some many new choices! Unicode Consortium focused on designing disability emojis, including a deaf person, people in wheelchairs, blind people using walking canes, Seeing Eye dogs, and mechanical arms and legs. Not to mention the hand making a pinching gesture emoji everyone is talking about on social media! Check them ALL out below! 

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