See Disney’s First LGBTQ Animated Character Here [PIC]

Disney and Pixar will make animation history introducing the first LGBTQ character in a new upcoming movie!

By bonneville on February 25, 2020
(Photo by Joshua Sudockl/Disney Resorts via Getty Images)

Yahoo reported Disney and Pixar will introduce their FIRST animated LGBTQ character in “Onward,” a movie set in a suburban fantasy world, which introduces two teenage elf brothers (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left in their world opening in theaters in a few weeks, check out the trailer below!

The character’s name is Officer Specter and she’s a cop and a cyclops.  She’s voiced by openly gay actress Lena Waithe. The director of the movie says, quote, “It’s a modern fantasy world and we want to represent the modern world.” Scroll through the Instagram post to see a pic of Officer Specter below! “Onward” releases in theaters on March 6, 2020.

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