Second Dates

By bonneville on January 4, 2021

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Jeremy & Anna Cinna Done – One of our listeners tried to get away with a little petty theft during a date, and we we’re shocked & disappointed when he told us exactly what he tried to take without anyone noticing.

Scott and Kate (Balls In The Air) – The guy in today’s call is very talented with his hands. But when he tried to prove it on his date he ended up embarrassing the woman beyond belief!


Dillon and Gia (Delivery Knockout) – The guy in today’s Second Date was working as a delivery driver when he had a one in a million interaction with a woman at her front door. Now he’s desperate to get back in touch with her, and he wants our help!


Rudy and Alison (Two Girls One Auction) – People love having choices. One of our listeners was out the other night and had the choice between two women who were BOTH interested in him. He made his choice… but now she’s not calling him back. We’re gonna find out the reason why!


Natalie & Eric (Puzzled) – It’s always a risk when you bring a first date back to your place on the first night. The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date Update did exactly that, and he thinks it’s the biggest regret of his entire dating life!


Nate and Meg (Dance Machine) – One of our listeners tried everything in the book to try and meet a cute girl he saw at a wedding reception, and you’re not gonna believe the sneaky move he pulled to make it happen.


Brandon and Jessica (Train wreck) – One of our listeners was ditched by his date almost immediately BUT he took a huge chance that ultimately paid off big!


Samantha and Eric (Beatles Cover Band Bonanza) – The couple in today’s Second Date had a unique adventure on their first meeting, and even Brooke thought it was a wonderful idea. Knowing that, of course something went wrong. Hear what it was in the Podcast!


Eddie and Jessica (Firefighter Lips) – Coming up in your brand new Second Date Update, we have a mystery to solve today! Something that happened at a Fireman’s Ball had everyone in studio flummoxed, and now we’re gonna get to the bottom of it.


Chris and Ellie (Penguins Are Sexy) – Most of the time, a tiny fib won’t cause a lot of damage to a relationship. But the lie one of our listeners told on a date came back to bite him. You’ll definitely want to hear what he said in your Second Date!



Chris and Avery (Two Faced Bus Driver) – One of our listeners had a great date, but the future of their relationship could hinge on one questionable choice he made 5 years before they even met…



Ryan and Olivia (Googly Eyes) – The woman on the phone with us today might be the most demanding woman on the planet. But can she use that to get what she wants? Find out in the podcast!


Ryan and Lena (Containers, Coffee and Lies, Oh My) – What happens when a real estate agent and an audio book narrator walk into an open house? The start of today’s Second Date Update!


TJ and Alicia (Litter Bug) – One of our listeners got caught in a bad downward date spiral. After one wrong thing after another he wants our help to get out of this vicious cycle!


Rebecca and James (Talkin’ Pillows) – How should you react if you show up to a date and the person doesn’t look like their profile picture? That recently happened to one of our listeners and you won’t believe what she did to get even with him during dinner.


Meghan and Kurt (Bathroom Burrito Disaster) – One of our listeners says the guy she went out with did the BARE MINIMUM, yet she’s still eager to get a Second Date with him! Have standards ever been lower?