Second Dates

By bonneville on January 4, 2021

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Marc and Abby (Missed Kiss) – The guy on the phone with us for today’s Second Date says he’s good looking, a great listener and set up the perfect date night… but was his date scared of perfection?


Ricky and Lena (What Ghosts Around Comes Around) – It’s Halloween Week on the show so of course we had to kick it off with a Second Date where someone got “ghosted!”


Jessica and Vince (Double Booked Dating Fail) – If there’s one piece of advice to take away from today’s Second Date it’s this: never have a roommate that’s hotter than you are.


Jules and Erik (High Maintenance) – You never want to be called “High Maintenance” on a date, and one of our listeners is worried that’s what her date thought of her even though she swears she isn’t!


Thomas and Chelsea (Experiment Gone Wrong) – Today’s call got so out of control we actually had to BAN someone from ever appearing on the show again!


Austin and Tanya (Lighter Tricks) – Austin and Tanya met on Tinder and on their date her impressed her with some lighter tricks. She said the words “I don’t know if I can trust myself with you” but even after their fiery night she’s not calling him back!


Lucas and Tracy (Winery Date With Mom) – One of our listeners wasn’t planning on it, but he had a genuine connection with a woman and it all might have been screwed up because his MOM showed up…


Joseph and Tyra (Dine and Ghost) – After months of unsuccessful swiping, one of our listeners secured a date but blew it and was ghosted after just one meetup. Now he’s come to us to ask for help!


Mia & Justin (Drive By Egging) – Two of our listeners went on an unconventional Halloween-themed date a year ago and now they say they’ve started an annual tradition because of it. They’ll tell us all about what’s gone on in the last year in the podcast!


Steamer and Kristen (Failed Face To Face Treasure Hunt) – “Steamer” has it all: he’s charming, has a foreign accent, and an elaborate idea for a romantic first date. What he doesn’t have is a call back from his date so he came to us for help!


Maggie and Darren (Locked In The Park) –  The couple in today’s Second Date were trapped inside a public park at night and were unable to leave. Now that they’ve finally gotten out they’re gonna tell us the story of their date!


Kayla & Dean (Super Fan Not So Super Result) – Today’s Second Date took a dramatic and unexpected turn that has never happened before on our show! We’re all still reeling from it in studio, but you can hear what happened in the podcast!


Dusty & Courtney (Abandoned Children’s Hospital) – There’s plenty of romantic places to take a first date, but instead of doing that, one of our listeners took his date to an ABANDONED BUILDING. No wonder he needs our help now!


Mike and April (To Cheat Or Not To Cheat) – One of our listeners met an incredible woman 5 years ago, and only now is he finally ready to reach out. Why did he wait so long and did he miss his chance? Find out next!


Lorna & Mike (Bus Boy Breakdown) – Today’s Second Date started in one of the most romantic ways possible, and then all hell broke loose! It got fiery, ugly and tense and Jeffrey only made it worse. Hear how it fell apart in the podcast!


Nathan and Chloe (Shelter Date) – Nathan took Chloe on a date to the animal shelter where the animals didn’t take kindly to him. He followed that up by secretly following her home?? There’s red flags all over the place, but will Chloe give him another chance?


Mark & Erica (Sriracha Factory) – The first few minutes of a date can make or break the entire evening. For the caller in today’s Second Date, their evening was turned on its head in the final moments of the date.


Jessica & Louis (Bond Over Moving Boxes) – One of our listeners went on Tinder looking for something unique, but we didn’t find out exactly what she was looking for until it was too late!


Mary Louise and Dominic (Dude Where’s Her Car?) – One of our listeners felt comfortable letting her date do something that some couples wait months or years to do… She put a lot of trust in him and unfortunately that backfired on her.


Maddie & Derek (Drop Off Daddy) – We found out the person on the phone with us for a Second Date was kind-of internet famous… and when it came out during the call it left everyone on the show completely speechless. Hear it for yourself in the podcast!



Joey and Taylor (Dumpster Dive) – The guy in today’s Second Date described his date as “smelly,” “trashy” and a “gasoline-infused dumpster fire” and none of those descriptions are figurative!


Jessica & Kenny (Sick of Mozzarella Sticks) – We’ve heard nearly every reason someone has given for getting out of a date at the last second but nothing tops what the guy in today’s Second Date did!


Candace and Teddy (Accident at First Sight) – Have you ever said something you regret after drinking? It happened to one of our listeners and now they need our help in a Second Date. Probably because we’re experts at saying stupid stuff, right?


Justin and Milanie (Ex Flash) – Is it possible to fall for someone who has a completely different sense of humor than you do? If it’s possible we’re gonna do our best to try and help two of our listeners overcome it in a Second Date!


Ashley and Benjamin (What’s Your Name Again?) – Brooke tried to stand up for the girl in today’s Second Date but it backfired BAD! Hear what she said and why she felt the need to defend this woman in the podcast!


Keith and Ellie (Hot Tub Boob Job) – The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date insisted that he send us a shirtless picture of him to help explain what went wrong on his date. It seemed weird but it ended up being really important!


Nick and Isabelle (Doggy Bag) – The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date got raked over the coals for something seemingly innocent he did at the tail end of his date. We need you to weigh in if it was out or bounds or not!


Abraham and Vicki (Toilet Paper Prank) – Right from the jump, Jeffrey made a huge blunder in today’s Second Date… He asked our producers not to air it, which means of course we did anyway!


Wrangler and Rohanna (High School Love) – We have a couple from a few months ago returning to the show! Recently, the guy emailed us saying he wants to give his girlfriend a big surprise on our show! 



Julia and Brett (The Case of the Mysterious Limp) – We’re going to do something a little different in today’s Second Date: actually TRY. A suspicious thing happened at the end of our listener’s date and she wants us to investigate what really happened for her.


Melanie and Jarred (Crystal Clear Aura ) – The woman on the phone for today’s Second Date had a date at a café where she pulled something out of her purse and rubbed it on the guy’s leg… It sounds strange, but it’ll make sense once you find out what it is!


Jordan and Arielle (Tik Tok Target Date Challenge) – The guy in today’s Second Date based his entire date night on something he heard on our show. That’s a huge red flag. It backfired and now he wants our help fixing his mistake…


Daniel and Rebecca (Father Permission) – If you only listen to one Second Date this year, make it this one… because it ended with one of the most insane twists we could ever imagine!


Rob and Tiffany (Not-so Spontaneous) – Today’s new Second Date played out like an epic game of clue. Someone pulled one of the sneakiest and most backstabbing moves in show history. Hear who it was and what they did!


Eddie and Beth (Hate Fest) – We’re normally pretty good at keeping things under control when a call gets heated… but today’s Second Date was different. It went off the rails and we were caught in the middle of it all!


Daymond and Millie(Male Model Mishap Karma) – The guy in today’s Second Date shouldn’t need our help… he’s a male model. But his first date went from really great to really awkward and now he’s wondering if he made a mistake?


Kara and Clinton (Bookstore Friend Zone) – Getting friend zoned is awkward and confusing, and one of our listeners is worried the guy she’s VERY interested just wants to be friends. Can we help them become maybe a little more?


Mary and Adam(Sheet Surprise) – An embarrassing incident with self-tanner might have cost Mary a second chance with the guy she called “Average Adam…”


Brian and Alana (Ghosting Karma) – One of our listeners had his date spoiled by something he saw inside the restaurant. It was unexpected and he’s hoping his date didn’t catch on… you’ll find out what happened in your brand new Second Date!


Jon and Lisa (Disconnect Four) – One of our listeners is going crazy overthinking every reason why his date isn’t calling him back even though the answer was right in front of him…


Joseph and Monica (Marvel Knockout) – The guy in today’s Second Date attempted a sweet & romantic gesture on his movie date, but it went so poorly he ended up embarrassed and apologizing. Find out what he did, and if it was a big deal breaker!


Daniel and Olivera (Gold Diggers) – Not only does the guy in today’s Second Date have a unique and interesting first date idea, but he can make a whole bunch of money during it, too.


The guy in today’s Second Date stepped in to make a heroic gesture, but what happened after that made everything uncomfortable. So we’re gonna try and help him rescue a rendezvous and another date!


Arlo and Deena (Come Back Later) – One of our listeners, Arlo, emailed us for help with a Second Date after he said something that rubbed his date the wrong way BEFORE their date ever even started!


Kenny and Stef (Disney Date) – One of our listeners recently took a woman out on a Disney-themed date and we were all shocked at the reason he wasn’t getting a call back! We had no idea “Disney People” could be this petty…


Sean and Kathryn (Crime Doesn’t Pay – It Dates) – Sean met Kathryn while they volunteered at an animal shelter. But after Kathryn stopped showing up to the animal shelter… and responding to Sean… he emailed us for help figuring out why!


Aaron and Monica (Coffee Ex) – Today’s Second Date spiraled way out of control and it was all because Aaron ran into his ex on a date with Monica. Old loves die hard and we’re gonna get into the messiness coming up next!


Max and Beth (Promtastrophe) – Have standards even been lower in the dating game? Today’s Second Date might restore your faith in romance, because one of our listeners went above and beyond to engineer one special night. 


Jaime and Clay (Quirky Lady) – The woman in today’s Second Date Update will be someone we’ll be talking about for years, all because of her one bizarre dating ritual.


Derrick and Katy (Mysterious Stranger Knocks At My Door) – Everything is all fine and dandy until a mysterious woman knocks on your door and throws your entire dating life for a loop. It happened to one of our listeners and we’ve got all the juicy details in your Second Date!


Ryan and Trinity (Sneaker Boy) – A good date always requires some planning, preparation and a little luck. The guy in today’s Second Date did something unusual to set himself up for success on his date, and it must have backfired because he’s not getting a call back without our help!


Melanie and Jason (Stargazer) – Jason had a special surprise for Melanie, in the form of his own personal telescope and a stargazing session. But even since he’s been more absent than a constellation in a cloudy sky.



Megan and Curtis (300 is the Magic Number) – The woman on the phone with us today had a unique idea for how to initiate the first kiss on her date, but was it too bold? She thinks it might have cost her a chance with this guy, and she wants our help in a brand new Second Date!


Marissa and Christopher (Car Jacked) – Today’s Second Date is an emergency! The woman on the phone today says we’re her last hope for help before she calls the authorities on her date. It started with a great first date and now it might just be a crime!


Andrew and Caroline UPDATE (Lucky Underwear) – Andrew and Caroline came on our show a few months back and their Second Date had us all cringing in our seats. They have an update for us after agreeing to another night out and they’re going to share it with us in the podcast!


Chris and Karen (Drunken Date) – The guy in today’s call allowed himself to be vulnerable on his first date and now he’s not getting a call back. Does being in touch with your emotions make you out of touch in 2021?


Tick and Rebecca (Bank Teller Love) – The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date was a good listener, asked great questions, but somehow his attentiveness got him accused of being a criminal!


Matthew and Julia (Discount Dining) – Sometimes one man’s idea is another man’s mistake. The guy on today’s Second Date has a fool-proof plan for getting cheap food and immaculate service, and it’s actually disgusting.


Brie and David (Shoe Sniffin Seductress) – Sometimes in life you get caught doing an embarrassing thing that you can never recover from. One of our listeners thinks that happened on her date and we’ll do our best to help her figure out what exactly went wrong!


Christina and Greg (Gambling Baseball Coach) – The guy we called in today’s Second Date offered up a “dealbreaker” that we had honestly never heard before in our lives. Hear it for yourself in the podcast!


Brett and Page (Mexican Walkout) – What do you do when you can see your date getting less interested in your as the night goes on? One of our listeners had that problem and he tried everything to turn the night around. Hear what he did in your Second Date!


Jeremy & Anna (Cinna-Done) – One of our listeners tried to get away with a little petty theft during a date, and we we’re shocked & disappointed when he told us exactly what he tried to take without anyone noticing.


Scott and Kate (Balls In The Air) – The guy in today’s call is very talented with his hands. But when he tried to prove it on his date he ended up embarrassing the woman beyond belief!


Dillon and Gia (Delivery Knockout) – The guy in today’s Second Date was working as a delivery driver when he had a one in a million interaction with a woman at her front door. Now he’s desperate to get back in touch with her, and he wants our help!


Rudy and Alison (Two Girls One Auction) – People love having choices. One of our listeners was out the other night and had the choice between two women who were BOTH interested in him. He made his choice… but now she’s not calling him back. We’re gonna find out the reason why!


Natalie & Eric (Puzzled) – It’s always a risk when you bring a first date back to your place on the first night. The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date Update did exactly that, and he thinks it’s the biggest regret of his entire dating life!


Nate and Meg (Dance Machine) – One of our listeners tried everything in the book to try and meet a cute girl he saw at a wedding reception, and you’re not gonna believe the sneaky move he pulled to make it happen.


Brandon and Jessica (Train wreck) – One of our listeners was ditched by his date almost immediately BUT he took a huge chance that ultimately paid off big!


Samantha and Eric (Beatles Cover Band Bonanza) – The couple in today’s Second Date had a unique adventure on their first meeting, and even Brooke thought it was a wonderful idea. Knowing that, of course something went wrong. Hear what it was in the Podcast!


Eddie and Jessica (Firefighter Lips) – Coming up in your brand new Second Date Update, we have a mystery to solve today! Something that happened at a Fireman’s Ball had everyone in studio flummoxed, and now we’re gonna get to the bottom of it.


Chris and Ellie (Penguins Are Sexy) – Most of the time, a tiny fib won’t cause a lot of damage to a relationship. But the lie one of our listeners told on a date came back to bite him. You’ll definitely want to hear what he said in your Second Date!



Chris and Avery (Two Faced Bus Driver) – One of our listeners had a great date, but the future of their relationship could hinge on one questionable choice he made 5 years before they even met…



Ryan and Olivia (Googly Eyes) – The woman on the phone with us today might be the most demanding woman on the planet. But can she use that to get what she wants? Find out in the podcast!


Ryan and Lena (Containers, Coffee and Lies, Oh My) – What happens when a real estate agent and an audio book narrator walk into an open house? The start of today’s Second Date Update!


TJ and Alicia (Litter Bug) – One of our listeners got caught in a bad downward date spiral. After one wrong thing after another he wants our help to get out of this vicious cycle!


Rebecca and James (Talkin’ Pillows) – How should you react if you show up to a date and the person doesn’t look like their profile picture? That recently happened to one of our listeners and you won’t believe what she did to get even with him during dinner.


Meghan and Kurt (Bathroom Burrito Disaster) – One of our listeners says the guy she went out with did the BARE MINIMUM, yet she’s still eager to get a Second Date with him! Have standards ever been lower?