Second Dates

By minthavisak on January 4, 2021

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1/22/21 – Before we even made today’s Second Date call, our listener was 99.9% sure they knew the reason they were being avoided. Nevertheless, we’re on the case and on the hunt for some love redemption!

1/21/21 – A few months back one listener was worried that her car was STOLEN during while on a date and she asked for our help getting it back. We have an update to their story after all this time!


1/20/21 – Showing your sense of humor on a first date is very important. But one of our listeners took a risk and told a bad joke that ended him up in the dog house and begging us for help with a Second Date!


1/19/21 – Lot of the time, when someone calls us for a Second Date they know what they might have done to screw things up. But today’s caller only got one text from his date as a clue… And it just said: Seatbelt. Does it make sense to you?

1/15/21 – One of our listeners struggled to get her date on the right track at all. It might be one of the most disastrous first dates we’ve ever heard on this show.

1/14/21 – One of our listeners got caught in a bad downward date spiral. After one wrong thing after another he wants our help to get out of this vicious cycle!

1/13/21 – The woman in today’s Second Date says a chance meeting at a coffee shop changed her life forever… in a good way!


1/12/21 – It only took us 5 seconds to figure out everything we needed to know about the guy on the phone today. He goes by “Cheese” and we think you’re gonna love him!


1/11/21 – One of our listeners reunited with his high school crush and spent hundreds of dollars to make sure he didn’t screw up his date and his shot at redemption.


1/8/21 – In today’s Second Date, one of our listeners crossed the line and breached our trust. We started out on their side but soon disappointment overcame us all.

1/7/21 – If you promised someone that if you were both single at 30 you’d get married, does that deal still stand? One of our listeners made that pact and now he’s 30, single, and wondering what to do about it! Hear it in your Second Date!

1/6/21 – Today we meet a self-proclaimed Super Fan of our show… his name is Ryan and he asked us for help with a Second Date, among other things.

1/5/21 – No matter how hard Jeffrey tried during today’s Second Date, he just couldn’t keep it together and his utter frustration seeped through into the call. Find out what happened in the podcast below!


1/4/21 – We have one of the most memorable calls we can ever remember happening and we believe we’ll be talking about this guy for years and years to come…

12/31/21 – The guy in today’s Second Date had the chance of a lifetime to involve a celebrity as a third person in their love life. Not only that but the A-lister was the one that screwed up his original love situation too!