Second Dates

By bonneville on December 28, 2021

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Brett and Rachel (Hockey Fan Gets Hosed) – Something caused the woman in today’s Second Date to abandon her date during the middle of an overtime hockey game. What was she running towards…. or ESCAPING from?


Allen and Erica (Boat Fished) – We’ve dealt with Catfishing on this show, but today’s Second Date might be the first case of BOATfishing in recorded history!


Ryan and Trinity (Sneaker Boy) – A good date always requires some planning, preparation and a little luck. The guy in today’s Second Date did something unusual to set himself up for success on his date, and it must have backfired because he’s not getting a call back without our help!


Abraham and Brittney (Mysterious Grilled Cheese Lady) – The woman in today’s Second Date wasn’t just rejected by one guy, but two! We’re gonna tell you all about “The Mysterious Grilled Cheese Lady” in the podcast!


Megan and Curtis (300 is the Magic Number) – The woman on the phone with us today had a unique idea for how to initiate the first kiss on her date, but was it too bold? She thinks it might have cost her a chance with this guy, and she wants our help in your Second Date!


Kenny and Ellie (Cake By The Tesla) – The guy from today’s Second Date brought his dinner date back to his place, but before the magic could begin.. something tragic happened!


Adam and Taylor (Drop Dead Dork) – Adam from today’s call became the center of attention during a huge event and it lead to one of the most bizarre Second Dates we’ve ever had!


Matthew and Julia (Discount Dining) – Sometimes one man’s idea is another man’s mistake. The guy on today’s Second Date has a fool-proof plan for getting cheap food and immaculate service, and it’s actually disgusting.


Connor and Renee (You Look Familiar) – The date one of our listeners had with a woman might be the biggest Twilight Zone experience we’ve ever had on this show!


Christina and Greg (Gambling Baseball Coach) – The guy we called in today’s Second Date offered up a “dealbreaker” that we had honestly never heard before in our lives. Hear it for yourself in the podcast!


Ashley and Brian (Lions & Tigers & Capybaras, Oh My!) – Not only was the guy in today’s Second Date humiliated on his night out, but it was at the hands of a 9-year old!


Alexandra and Scott (Pre-Engagement Ring) – We’ve seen a lot of red flags on our show over the years, but none was bigger or redder than what one woman surprised her date with before they even go to know each other!


Dillon and Gia (Delivery Knockout) – The guy in today’s Second Date was working as a delivery driver when he had a one in a million interaction with a woman at her front door. Now he’s desperate to get back in touch with her, and he wants our help!


Chris and Kayla (Surprise Party Shocker) – One of our listeners wandered into an unlocked front door before his date started and what he saw on the other side threw his entire night for a loop!


Rudy and Alison (Two Girls One Auction) – People love having choices. One of our listeners was out the other night and had the choice between two women who were BOTH interested in him. He made his choice… but now she’s not calling him back.


Jeanine and Seth (Cat Catfish) – The woman on the phone met a man on a dating site for cat lovers… And not only did she enjoy the night…But her cat approved too! So why isn’t he calling her back?


Nate and Meg (Dance Machine) – One of our listeners tried everything in the book to try and meet a cute girl he saw at a wedding reception, and you’re not gonna believe the sneaky move he pulled to make it happen.


Brandon and Jessica (Train wreck) – One of our listeners was ditched by his date almost immediately BUT he took a huge chance that ultimately paid off big!


Eddie and Jessica (Firefighter Lips) – We have a mystery to solve in today’s Second Date! Something that happened at a Fireman’s Ball had everyone in studio flummoxed, and we worked our hardest to get to the bottom of it.


Chris and Ellie (Penguins Are Sexy) – Most of the time, a tiny fib won’t cause a lot of damage to a relationship. But the lie one of our listeners told on a date came back to bite him. You’ll definitely want to hear what he said in your Second Date!


Dan and Jodi (Christmas Freak) – The guy in today’s call is pretty sure what his date saw inside his apartment might have ruined his chance at love… but he has a totally reasonable and non-creepy explanation for it… At least… he thinks so…


Chris and Avery (Two Faced Bus Driver) – One of our listeners had a great date, but the future of their relationship could hinge on one questionable choice he made 5 years before they even met…


Ryan and Lena (Containers, Coffee & Lies, OH MY!) – What happens when a real estate agent and an audio book narrator walk into an open house? The start of today’s Second Date!


Phil and Wendy (Busting A Catfish) – A crazy secret was revealed on today’s Second Date call between Phil and Wendy that not even WE saw coming!


Gabe and Noelle (Muppet Dinner) – Is it weird if a guy shows up to your date with two mysterious duffle bags? It happened to one of our listeners and she told us what weird things he was keeping in the bags in your Second Date Podcast!


Mary-Anne and David (Ew, David) – A potential future celebrity reached out, asking for our help in the love department. We’ll find out who they are… and what happened during their night out, in your Second Date!


Meghan and Kurt (Bathroom Burrito Disaster) – One of our listeners says the guy she went out with did the BARE MINIMUM, yet she’s still eager to get a Second Date with him! Have standards ever been lower?



Kyle and Abby (Guinness What In The World Record) – The guy in today’s Second Date attempted to become world-renowned for feet stuff. But, not only did he fail that venture, his date left him hanging as well.


Matt and Kelsie (MattMan Returns) – Today’s Second Date is an epic comeback opportunity for a man who’s been on our show before. He went by “Mat-Man” and today we’re going to be his trusty sidekicks!


Lisa and Drew (Rough Family Game Night) – The woman on today’s Second Date invited her guy over for a Family Game Night and things got a LOT more physical than he ever anticipated…


Gaelin and Stephanie (C’est La Spit) – Two diners sit down at a table, but 3 meals arrive. Is a mysterious stranger in their midst? Or is it just a brand new Second Date?


Sydney and Kurt (The Long Game) – The woman in today’s Second Date was completely floored once she ended up back at a guy’s place. There was no question she wants to see him again. But the real question is why doesn’t he want to see her?


James and Vicki (Smells Like Tween Spirit) – One of our listeners claims he was having a great date with a beautiful woman… but it was ruined by a roving group of 13-year-olds…


Rich and Sarah (Trust Fall TikTok) – The listener who needed our help with a Second Date shared a juicy detail from their first meetup that had us all floored but made us promise to not bring it up when we called his date. We’re always up for a challenge though!


Greg and Katie (Uptight Greg) – One of our listeners thinks he might have accidentally ruined his entire date because of what he did in a movie theater! It’s not illegal but its not a good look either…


Thomas and Cecelia (Trial By Separation) – The guy in today’s Second Date has been off the market for a decade and after his first date back in the game he’s getting left on read.


Shawn and Kat (Fast Food Limo) – The guy in today’s Second Date took one classic date idea and flipped it on its head and it made all of us in studio jealous when we heard it. Who is this beloved mystery man?


Tyler and Rachel (Elevator People) – Nothing bonds two people like being stuck in an elevator for hours. It happened to the couple in today’s Second Date and they’re on the line now to tell us about all the ups and downs!


Forrest and Chrissy (Slept Like A Baby) – Ditching your date after first meeting is bad. But one of our listeners swears he has a good reason for why he did exactly that… in your Second Date!


Spencer and Robin (It’s No Picnic) – One of our listeners forgot one IMPORTANT thing and it ruined his entire picnic date. After that awkwardness he’s calling us for some help grabbing him a Second Date!


Julie and Dennis (Build-A-Burn) – After their date ended with a romantic kiss, Dennis vanished off of social media completely. Now Julie is calling us for some assistance in an all-new Second Date!


Kaitlyn and Chase (E-Trade Mogul) – The woman in today’s Second Date had a date with someone very rich, and arguably pretty famous, too… but now he’s not calling back. Can we get her another shot at big time love?


Liam and Sandy (How Dare You Say I’m Sorry) – You won’t believe how the guy in today’s Second Date managed to score a date with a Perfect 10! He got the first date, but now he needs our help trying to wrangle another…


JSTN and Casey (Influencer Dinner) – The guy on the phone with us today is a self-proclaimed “influencer” and what he tried to do on his date backfired so badly, that even WE felt bad for him!


Trent and Kelly (Single For A Night) – Normally it’s the guys on the Second Date Update who withhold truths or lie to us but today it was a strange secret that was hidden by the woman!


Amanda and Sean (Weiner Surprise) – The meal described by the guy in today’s Second Date Update is something so unsettling, it nearly put one member of our show in the hospital out of disgust.


Andrew and Chloe (Naughty Scrabble) – The guy in today’s Second Date spiced up his date at a bar, with something not just unique, and fun, but maybe just a little sexy.


Wayla and Brad (Drinks Are On Him) – One of our listeners couldn’t keep quiet when she saw two women trying to take advantage of her date. But will she end up regretting it? Find out in a brand new Second Date!


Joann and Chris (Vegas Nights) – One of our listeners got flown out to another city for their date, and it’s one of the most exciting places in the world. Hear where she went and why she asked for our help in the podcast!


Dave and Maddie (Sloshing or Swimming) – We have to give it up for the guy on the phone today…He was put in a really tough situation, and was willing to admit something on air…That turned out to be one of the most embarrassing things we’ve ever heard…


Jackie and Paul (Check the Ragu) – The couple in today’s Second Date were worried about being WATCHED from afar at the end of their date. We’re gonna do some investigating and figure out WHO or WHAT the deal is in the podcast!


Warren and Kayla (Trunk Trap) – The guy in today’s Second Date isn’t a drinker, but he took one shot before meeting up with his online match and before long he was completely separated from her and had to track her down using only sound!


Dennis and Stephanie (Let’s Chalk About It) – The guy in today’s Second Date has been out of the dating pool for a few years, and now after his first hangout isn’t calling him back, he wants our help of all things!


Barry and Skye (Netflix and Fail) – “Netflix and Chill” is a tale as old as time. In 2022 it’s practically an art form. In today’s Second Date, one guy botched his chill sesh almost instantly and now he wants our help to recover!


Hailee and Steven (Lapping Up Love) – What one of our listeners did in a public park during her first date was definitely… FREAKY. So much so, that it had us in studio wilding out. Hear what happened in an all new Second Date Podcast!


Isabella & Jason (YouTaboo) – Isabella came to our show wanting the answer to just one question: Where has this guy been for 2 WEEKS after their date? We’ll find out what happened in your new Second Date Podcast!


Lulu and Trent (Sleep Doctor) – The guy in today’s Second Date fell asleep in the middle of a conversation during his first date! Normally that’s a dealbreaker but Lulu wants our help getting ahold of “Sleepy” Trent anyway!


Leena & Glen (Hysterical Not Historical Bus Tour) – One of our listeners traveled around town on a SENSUAL Double Decker bus… and we’ll just tell you SOMEBODY got chippy with the tour director.


Matt and Theresa (Matthew McConaughey) – No one was more taken aback by the guy in today’s Second Date than our own Brooke Fox. This guy just has that sort of effect on the ladies… You need to meet the guy we call “Matt…”


Cammie and Justin (Seafood Surprise) – What happens when you say something innocent and it still offends your date? Well, it happened to one of our listeners and they emailed us for help right away!


Alicia and Robert (Hot & Handy) – The entire room was BLOWN AWAY when the guy in today’s Second Date revealed a secret. Could it be the biggest confession of the year?


Lisa and Ryan (Cabo St. Lucas Love) – One of our listeners recently hooked up with a guy on vacation but got rejected before even coming home. Now that she’s back she wants our help fixing her mistake and securing a Second Date!


Paul and Ashley (Prove It With A Pic) – One of our listeners was fun, kind, and honest on his date. But it was his HONESTY that EXPOSED him in a hilarious way.


Riley and Kinsley (Drunken Hide and Seek) – The guy in today’s Second Date wants our help piecing together what happened on his date. All he remembers is bottomless mimosas, a game of tag, and a department store dressing room…


Kate and Matt (Haters of Love) – We’re up against the clock today with an EMERGENCY Second Date just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Beth and Scott (V Day Love Trap) – Today’s Second Date was full of both LYING & DECEPTION and that was just from the members of this show. It’s unlike any other call we’ve had on this show and you can hear it 


Nate and Carolyn(Pre-loaded Spa Bonanza) – One of our listeners has a fool-proof plan for dating success, and he said it’s game-changing and involves a LOT of drinking… BEFORE the date…


Matt and Anna (Tough Mudder Lover) – Matt from today’s Second Date Update thinks he knows the EXACT moment he botched his chance with Anna. We’ll see if we can rectify his situation


Valerie and Dave (Wrong Number Is Oh So Right) – One of our listeners made a harmless mistake on her first date, but the guy she saw is adamant that she actually ruined his life. Dramatic much?


Kristen and Ben (Hot Girl Jumper) – Ben from today’s Second Date would be considered the typical North American Lumberjack-type. He may look like the enemy of trees but he’s the desired target in an all new podcast!


Gabe and Megan (All Woke No Joke) – A surprise during a date made one woman get up and leave immediately. Is it the most ridiculous reason to not call someone back ever?


Andrew and Hope (Forgotten Mother) – Simply the mention of the word “mother” caused one person on the call to stand up, sprint away, and abandon their planned date with no warning. Sounds like the mother of all mommy issues…


Emily & Jason (Too Hot To Be Homeless) – The listener on the phone needs our help, because after spending 3 days in a row at her place together… Her date has suddenly ghosted her…Now we’re going to call him and find out what really happened in that apartment!



Rick and Bella (Take a Picture Of My Date) – One of our listeners wants help getting hundreds of dollars back from someone he barely knows, all without ruining his chance at another rendezvous.


Andy and Ari (An Axe To Grind) – One of our listeners was SHOCKED when his date showed up to a normal date wearing a costume and it ended up affecting the entire night! 


Nicole and Evan (Hot Burrito Boy) – A Zoom fail during a THEMED virtual date is the reason one of our listeners needs our help today. Those words would have been nonsense 3 years ago… but they’re the reason for a Second Date right now!


Brian and Renee (I Love You Meet My Dad) – One of our listeners went a light-speed on his first date and what he said to her left us shuddering at the massive levels of cringe.


Josh & Erica (It Takes A Village) – An instant turn-off we’ve never heard of before happened in today’s Second Date… and it happened while walking past a bank. Find out what it was in the podcast!


Sawyer and Arianna (Risky Joke) – Showing your sense of humor on a first date is very important. But one of our listeners took a risk and told a bad joke that ended him up in the dog house and begging us for help with a Second Date!


Vicky & Adam (Double Date Double Ghost) – Today’s Second Date isn’t just one bad date, but TWO MAJOR DOUBLE DATE FAILS at the same time. Will there be double the misery or double the redemption?


Kyle and Sasha (Split Like A Banana) – Leaving something in the trunk of his car might have SUNK his chances for a Second Date… but, Kyle has called us for help and we’re gonna do our best to assist!


Michael and Rebecca (Spicy) – The guy on the phone today admits that his date got “way too hot to handle” causing him to leave his date early. Hear what caused him to bail on his date prematurely in the podcast!


Alison & Lilly (Exposing Justing) – The two women from yesterday’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call have agreed to join forces and participate in a TRAP, in today’s Second Date!


Matt and Kelly (Pay For the Sex) – We’ve all had a moment where we meant to say one thing and something much worse came out instead. That happened to one of our listeners in today’s Second Date and it’s one of the most embarrassing things we’ve ever heard on the show.


Scott and Brianna (Missing Date) – Typically it takes very little to impress a guy on a first date, but one woman did WAY more than impress her date and now he’s desperate to track her down for another one.


Nick & Britney (PETrifying Dinner Party) – We’ve had countless moments on this show that have left us speechless, but NOTHING tops what happened in today’s Second Date!


Taylor and Murphy (Paint the Baby Room) – The woman on the phone with us for today’s Second Date said her night included someone going into LABOR, and it actually led to a fun night anyway?


Roofer & Diane (Roofer Madness) – The guy in today’s Second Date has SOME recollection of his date, but he can’t tell if it was the BEST or the WORST date of all time…


Joe and Tara (Dirty Baby Bowling Date) – The guy on the phone for a Second Date actually met a nice girl out in the real world and all it took was for him to severely injure himself! If only it was this easy to get a date ALL the time!


James and Tara (Bad Boy or Just Boy) – What would you do if a guy says “I have a surprise for you… and it’s in my coat pocket?” It happened in today’s Second Date and we’ll let you know what happened with Mr. Pocket Surprise in the podcast!


Kirk and Gillian (Long Distance Surprise) – What happens when your perfect match lives 500 miles away? Do you surprise them even if you’ve never met face to face? One of our listeners did it and he’ll tell you how it went down in your Second Date!



Jay and Elizabeth (Adult Swimming Lessons) – It’s a tale as old as time: Guy meets girl at adult swimming lessons, and they agree to go out on a date. But once the safety and security of water wings are out the window, can Jay keep the date on the rails?


Harold and Ashley (Standup Funny Guy) – Every once in a while we meet someone so unique that they stick in our memories for years. Today is one of those times and we’re so excited for you to meet Harold.


Michelle and Dillon (Timing Is Everything) – In today’s Second Date we learned that all you need is 57 minutes to either make or break a date. Did Dillon make the most of his 57 minutes? Find out in the podcast!


Lauren and Cameron (Fist Fight Mayhem) – Wouldn’t it be nice if dating apps told you honestly just how weird your date actually is before meeting? The person in today’s Second Date thought she found a normal guy but as the night went on, his true colors really started to show.


Matt and Leslie (UnPop the Question) – Leslie said “Yes” to Matt’s proposal of marriage but hasn’t committed to a second date. Sure, it was a sham proposal for free stuff from a restaurant but that’s sweet too, right?


Jordan and Jordan (Coffee Shop Jordans) – The woman in today’s Second Date says a chance meeting at a coffee shop changed her life forever… in a good way!


Jen and Tim (Mechanic Mistake) – Before we even made today’s Second Date call, our listener was 99.9% sure they knew the reason they were being avoided. Nevertheless, we’re on the case and on the hunt for some love redemption!