Science Can Fix Guys Who Get Awkward When Talking To You

Researchers think they found a way to help men feel less anxiety about talking to women, and have seen some positive test results in mice.

By kmvq on November 6, 2017
(Photo credit HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)

Have you ever noticed how some guys get a little… awkward when they talk to you? But they seem fine when they’re talking to their guy friends? Or maybe you’ve seen guys who just can’t find the confidence to talk to women at all. Maybe you work with someone you’ve tried to set up with someone else and it just didn’t work? Science might have a fix for that.

So there’s a hormone, called (ironically) kisspeptin, and it basically will “embolden” men, and “make them less anxious about pursuing women.” Shortened, it’s called “Kiss1.” Scientists have designed a couple injections designed to stimulate production of the Kiss1 hormone, and when given to male mice, they discovered that the mice “became more driven to pursue the female mice,” and apparently displayed less anxiety about it. I don’t know how to tell if a mouse is anxious, but that’s probably why I don’t work in a lab.

Not just for men, researchers are trying to figure out if the same effect may happen with female mice. This raises a lot of questions, which we’ll save for discussion, because we’re sure you’re thinking about what sort of “aggression” this may create, which the article didn’t mention. Again though, it’s in the research stage, they’re not actually marketing this injection. They think it would simply be a sort of aid for men who have some sort of reproductive disorders, and they seem to classify “gets nervous talking to women” into that group. See the article here, and take the discussion to Facebook here.

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