San Francisco Designer Makes ‘Heated Wall’ To Aid Menstrual Cramps

A designer based in San Francisco has designed a wall that heats up, designed to take the pain of period cramps away with soothing warmth.

By nowproducerdave on May 17, 2018

A very interesting concept, though I do feel like it might take some time before women start using this. The wall will be sort of a “shaped” panel that heats up. It’s supposed to be mounted to the wall, installed into public restrooms. The idea is that if you’re suffering from bad cramps, you can lean against the wall and the heat will help soothe the pain. For now, the Warm Wall seems to be a concept, but maybe we will see them soon.

Lauren Lee is the designer based in San Francisco who describes herself as “…a multidisciplinary designer focused on elevating everday [sic] life.” Lauren is a former broadcaster as well, having appeared on TV as a weather presenter in several markets along the west coast. She came up with this idea, presumably after having some bad period cramps. She says the “Warm Wall provides women a warm place to lean, alleviate cramps, and commiserate with a friend, a stranger, or alone in the public restroom.” I’m not going to lie though, it sounds like a pretty awesome spot to lean and rest for a minute, cramps or not.

Although the idea that it becomes a “social experience” is a little strange to us. Most of us would rather go about our own day without interacting with strangers, right? Nevermind interacting with a stranger over something like a period. According to the website, “Warm Wall portrays menstruation as a shared and common experience.” Imagine walking into the bathroom at the mall and seeing someone basically hugging the wall and open to talking about their menstrual cramps. A little bit of an unconventional topic that will take us time to get used to, honestly. But still, the concept is actually really nice. It’s warm (using the same sort of technology that’s in heated floors), and designed to help soothe period pain. It warms from the outside in, and relieves cramps. Anything to help is a plus, right? See some more info on her website here.

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