Sacramento Serial Killer’s Home Now Used For Education

This former “house of horrors” is being turned into a learning space right here in Sacramento

By kmvq on November 9, 2017
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Three decades ago, Sacramento serial killer Dorothea Puente was arrested in the home in which she’d killed eight people.

Now, a retired detective is working to turn the “house of horrors” into learning space.

CBS Sacramento has reported that former Sacramento Police Officer John Cabrera, one of the officers that actually helped catch Puente back in the 80s, is trying to teach people to know what to look for when dealing with a serial killer.

Cabrera explained:

“When they’re able to walk out here and to look at the resources she used to cover up her deeds, then it now becomes more realistic. They start to see how this case went down, how it worked, and how she was able to conceal all these deaths.”

Learn more about his goals right here.

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