Sacramento Named As Finalist For Major League Soccer!

Sacramento just got a LOT closer to having a Major League Soccer team, and we’re down to the final few weeks before we’ll know for sure.

By nowproducerdave on November 30, 2017
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Major League Soccer has named Sacramento one of the four finalists in the bid for a spot on the league.

Now the owners of the teams have to put their presentations together and head to New York to try and win one of the two open spots. The good news is that we’re pretty high on the preference list, after an earlier visit from one of the MLS board members determined us “able to check the boxes that are required.” Awesome!

If the Sac Republic FC team goes major, they’re planning on keeping basically everything the same – the name, the logo, all that. Republic FC is being acquired by “Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings,” started by one of the Kings owners, Kevin Nagle. They filed the application in January for Major League status. They’re also already working on a new stadium downtown (which is getting mixed opinions on if it was necessary, but still). It really sounds like we’re close to having the Sacramento Republic FC in the majors, pretty cool! Are you excited to see Sac get some more recognition?


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