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Rocklin Could Be Considering Moving Away From PG&E After Shutoffs

The city of Rocklin may be considering leaving PG&E as an energy provider, after the recent widespread energy shutoffs from the utility giant.

Rocklin is reportedly one of several Northern California cities that may be looking to switch away from PG&E.

According to ABC10, the recent power shutoffs, from the massive energy provider company, left the city of Rocklin feeling frustrated. With the news that more shutoffs may be planned in the near future, Rocklin may be looking to give PG&E the boot. “This has been a trend statewide because of the power shutoffs,” Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson explained. “Rocklin was on the forefront of that because we had a proposal to consider alternatives before the shutoffs,” he continued. “The impetus of that was the high electricity rates of PG&E compared to our neighbors.”

The mayor reportedly proposed this search for an alternative to PG&E, but was unable to receive enough support from the majority of the city council at the time. However, now that the power shutoffs are fresh in people’s minds, the city council may be more open to the proposal. “With the shutoffs, more residents and businesses are becoming concerned about the reliability of power,” Patterson said. “So, here in Rocklin, it’s elevated the discussion to say we need to look at this to see if there are alternatives out there to provide more reliable power.”

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This process wouldn’t be done overnight, however. “This is a very long process,” Patterson explained. “We would only want to do something like that here in Rocklin if it makes sense for our residents and businesses. If it doesn’t make sense, we wouldn’t move forward.”

What do you think about these potential new changes?

To read more about PG&E and the energy situation, click here


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