Preschool Nativity Play Gone Wrong: Sheep Steals Baby Jesus [VIDEO]

A ‘sheep’ stole baby Jesus during a preschool nativity play, and the only thing anybody could do was laugh and how cute it was.

By nowproducerdave on December 15, 2017
(Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

All you can do is laugh at this. Unless you’re the parent, then you casually look around pretending to look for “that child’s” parents… I don’t speak from experience….

Some preschoolers got to participate in a nativity play in front of all the parents. Children were dressed up as all the characters, Shepherds, Joseph, Mary, angels, and even the sheep. It was one of the sheep that was a problem though. We do have the mom of that particular rogue sheep to thank for this video though, so maybe she had a better sense of humor about the situation than the one in which I don’t have experience with. The crowd thought it was funny too though, as you can hear everyone break out into laughter when they realize what’s happening. Finally some adults jumped in to reset the scene and get things under control.

The mother says about her sheep, err, her daughter, Teegan, that “she just really wanted that baby Jesus.” In the video, Teegan is seen falling out of character, reaching over, grabbing the doll that’s in place of baby Jesus, and starting to dance with him. Tana, the mom, went on to say that “Teegan loves being the center of attention, so the more people laughed, the more excited she was to show her stuff.” Without further ado, the video just below:

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