Police Will Shoot To Kill If ‘Necessary’ To Protect Royal Wedding

Police have been given orders to ‘do whatever is necessary’ in order to protect the royal wedding tomorrow, May 19. They are prepared for worst-case scenarios.

By Admin on May 18, 2018
royal wedding
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Police are prepared for worst-case scenarios during the royal wedding tomorrow, May 19.

Prince Harry has reportedly given snipers the okay to “do whatever is necessary” in order to protect the ceremony. According to the Sun, security is ready to handle everything from a protest to a terror attack.

Security expert Will Geddes said:

“Operations will have been planned for months. Police will have mapped the area, established risk profiles and worked out the modus operandi of high-risk groups. Police will be looking for a variety of threats.”

The wedding is expected to cost around $45 million, with a huge cut of that going towards security.

“The world will be watching — nothing can afford to go wrong,” Geddes added.

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