Phone Taps

By bonneville on January 4, 2021

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In your brand new Phone Tap, we’re cancelling a guy’s reservation at a Haunted House but we’re offering him complimentary to our Haunted RV PARK instead! That’s just as fun, right?


How important is numerology in your life? If you’re today’s Phone Tap victim, one number is a big deal: 11. We’re his new life coaches and it’s time he took The Magic of 11 seriously.


Today’s Phone Tap victim is known around her office for taking the company costume contest VERY seriously… so we’re sending Brooke after her to raise the level of competition!


One of the worst business decisions any company could make is hiring JOSE to run your finances. In today’s Phone Tap he’s a new accountant and calling the guy who used to have his job for some help.


In your Phone Tap, we accuse a guy of some illegal activity, when all he was doing was bringing his grandmother some freshly baked goods.


In today’s new Phone Tap, Jose is calling from a moving company and while he’s tried to deliver this couch twice before, his proximity ankle bracelet is making it extra tough this morning…


In today’s Phone Tap, we call a guy with an empty lot next to his house and tell him that the Home Owner’s Association has some weird, elderly and arguably ILLEGAL ideas for what to do with this adjoining land.

In today’s new Phone Tap, Jeffrey is introducing the world to “Timid Benjamin” a new character whose insecurity is only matched by his total lack of self-confidence.


Jose is tagging in for one of our listeners and introducing himself to a Bumble match with the help of his trusty and invasive Parrot.


In your Phone Tap, Jeffrey is helping a guy buy a used car, but not until he fully investigates every square inch of each and every vehicle on the lot!


Before today’s Phone Tap victim starts at his new job, we’re calling him to let him know that the office has some team-bonding activities that are much more… affectionate than he’s used to.

In today’s new Phone Tap, a school administrator thinks they’ve hired a counselor to speak to their students about the dangers of drugs, but instead we’ve sent Jose who can’t get enough of ‘em!


Jose is posing as a Hot Tub Repair guy in your Phone Tap! There’s just one issue though, he’s a hot tub repair guy that’s terrified of Hot Tubs.


Today’s Phone Tap victim has been waiting on a package for weeks, and we think we’ve figured out her issue: her delivery service has gone 100% Pigeon.


Today we call a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor. But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef!


In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is posing as a new hire brought on while the boss was on vacation, and for his first day he has one request: Can the boss act like his BFF for his first day of work?


The only thing worse than a difficult customer service call is THREE difficult customer service calls and that’s what Jose is supplying when he pulls out a whole host of characters in your brand new Phone Tap!


It’s never too early so sell your kid’s soul to become an influencer on the internet.


In your Phone Tap: we’re calling someone who is desperate for her landlord to fix her measly toilet paper holder, and we’re kicking her out for a lengthy renovation!

Today’s Phone Tap victim is an elderly care worker about to start a new job, and we’re calling them to let them know about our grandpa’s unique condition called “Nocturnal Chowdownia…”


In your Phone Tap: a listener asked us to prank his roommate who keeps bringing girls from tinder to their apartment. So we’re calling from Tinder HQ to go over his hookup history!

Jeffrey is desperate to get in contact with today’s Phone Tap victim because he accidentally baked a piece of paper with his bitcoin wallet address into a cake that the guy ATE! Don’t you hate when that happens?


In your Phone Tap, we’re calling a woman who is days away from starting a new job, and she’s going to get a rude awakening from her new manager, “Robert the Horrible.”

Brooke is calling a woman and giving her a Psychic Reading in today’s Phone Tap. But instead of tea leaves, or tarot cards, she has a very unique source of her powers…


Putting your old RV up for sale on the internet is the perfect trap for weirdos, creeps, and especially us! We’re taking over the RV for nefarious reasons in today’s Phone Tap!

Today’s Phone Tap victim is up for the biggest job interview of his life, but instead of actual qualifications he’s going to be judged on only one thing: his knowledge of the show “Friends.”


Would you help a coworker you’ve never met if they were worried about losing their job? What if it involved doing something illegal?


Jose is posing as a pest control worker in today’s Phone Tap! And if you know Jose you know he’s the last person you want removing creepy crawlies from your home.


Today’s Phone Tap victim is obsessed with video games, and we’re using that against him by telling him he’s banned from our servers for being just plain bad.

Today’s Phone Tap victim just rented a new apartment without ever seeing it in person. So, we’re calling as their Apartment Manager and letting him know that someone has already moved in, and their choice of work is… provocative… 


We’re in the need of some fitness motivation and we’re gonna see if we can get a woman, who is at work in a busy office, to give us that special boost we need to work out!


If you think you can fake sick and get away with it you’re wrong! Your company might hire us to send ex-special forces sergeant ‘Clover’ to get to the bottom of it, in a Phone Tap!


Today’s Phone Tap victim recently had their bike stolen, and we thought we would do our best to help. That’s why Murder Mystery Podcast host Jose is going starting his investigation right away!


In today’s Phone Tap, we’re setting up a guy who gets jealous over how much attention his girlfriend gets at the gym. So we’ve sent our manliest man out for this project: Jeffrey


Brooke’s calling a young lady to give her some test results from the doctor in today’s Phone Tap. The doc noticed something before the exam even began, and it’s called “RFF” and she’s absolutely stricken with it…

Jose is calling a pizza shop and trying to drum up some false sympathy in order to boost sales, and the manager is NOT having any of it! 


Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks we’re about to hook her up with some free promo codes after a mistake with a food delivery. That would be nice, but we’re gonna subtly dig at her with little insults instead.


Pranking front desk workers is one of our specialties and in today’s new Phone Tap, we call the front desk of a big hotel to let them know one of the world’s most notorious celebs is on his way into town.


In today’s brand new Phone Tap: we’re calling a woman to tell her that she’s being moved to a new area of the office, but it’s not because of her quality of work, it’s because of something completely ridiculous and her whole office is on board with it!


If you’re getting a family heirloom appraised the last person you want doing it is Jose. He got his hands on a Babe Ruth signed baseball and there might have been a little accident…


In today’s Phone Tap, we’re calling a dog mom about her pup’s recent behavior and our bark is just as bad as our bite!


In today’s brand new Phone Tap, we called the front desk of a hotel and requested some of the most ‘out of bounds’ things we could think of for our room just to see how far we could push it!


In your Phone Tap: we’re calling a woman and telling her she can’t bring her lunch into the office anymore because the company owns the vending machines and she’s costing us money!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is adamant that she won’t go skiing with her boyfriend. So, our only goal is the apply firm but gentle pressure to get her out on the slopes by any means necessary. 


In today’s brand new Phone Tap, we call a guy who hired a cleaning service for his house, and while he was out, one of our cleaners escaped… We say “escaped” because this employee is actually an active prison inmate… Whoops!


In today’s new Phone Tap, Jose is calling a department store because the shoes they sold him didn’t help him win a marathon! Sure, he did zero training and ran slow, but that’s not his fault!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is expecting a psychic to come to her company’s holiday party, but this year she’s getting “Psychic Pam” aka our very own Brooke Fox… and she has some troubling visions…


Alexis is back for another new Phone Tap! Today she’s calling from a salon to ask one patron, to never come back again. This is a classy salon and her vibe? It’s just not what they’re looking for.


In today’s Phone Tap, Jeffrey gets to pretend to be one of the most annoying people on earth: a solicitor for donations from your alma mater.


In your brand new Phone Tap: we’re calling a pharmacy and confronting them with an ailment they’ve probably never seen before, and they definitely never want to see again!


Jose is calling a Hotel Front Desk in today’s Phone Tap. He needs to make a slight change to his reservation and the new guy on the phone is eager to help, even though he probably shouldn’t be.


For the first time in history, Brooke, Jose and Jeffrey are all doing a Phone Tap together to prank a woman on her birthday!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is the lucky random person who got selected for his apartment to get a 5G upgrade! But once he figures out what that really means… he might want to move out instead.


Today’s Phone Tap victim recently moved and accidentally ordered a bunch of stuff to her old address. Lucky for her, we’re telling her we just moved into her old place and have her stuff, it’s just slightly used now.


Today’s Phone Tap victim works at an Escape Room and so today Jeff is calling after he wandered off and got himself stuck in a place that’s DEFINITELY not part of the Escape Room experience.


Today’s Phone Tap victim brought in his Tesla for some routine repairs, but rather than fix his car, we’re going to offer him a new rescue car instead!


Jeff and Jose are teaming up for a dual Phone Tap and we’re going to make today’s Phone Tap victim regret they ever called for customer service.


In your brand new Phone Tap: we’re calling a gym rat and haranguing her for “eyeing” all the hunks at the gym. She’s making people uncomfortable and it’s time everyone leaves the beefcakes alone!


Today’s Phone Tap victim had a lifetime warranty on a jacket he purchased. Now that he’s trying to return it, we’re gonna make his experience as difficult as possible.


Clover is back for a new Phone Tap! He’s calling a Murder Mystery service about an upcoming performance, but it becomes clear that Clover might be misunderstanding what role-playing actually is…


Job interviews can be so stressful, and they’re especially nerve-wracking when you can’t answer a SINGLE question the interviewer has for you. That’s Jeffrey’s dilemma in today’s Phone Tap!


Jose wanted to prove he could compete on that show “Naked & Afraid” but his confidence quickly ran out, and his hunger took over. So now he’s pranking a restaurant to see if they’ll bring him something, anything to eat!


With the Kardashians reality show ending after 20 seasons, it’s time for a new show to take over. And Brooke thinks today’s Phone Tap victim has just what it takes to be the next global reality star!


Today’s Phone Tap victim needs some technical assistance with their phone, so we put the worst person we could think of for help with technology: an old man.


In your Phone Tap, we’re uninviting someone to a wedding in the worst way we know how: musically, with Jose’s new Barbershop OneTet!


We got a request to Phone Tap one of our listener’s single friends so we wrangled that Latin lover “Rolando” to show her the ways of love!


Jeffrey lost something very important to him in today’s Phone Tap. It’s not a family pet, it’s much more important than that: his Robot Vacuum. So we’re calling all around the neighborhood for help finding “Sucky,” the lost Roomba.


Today’s Phone Tap victim is a teacher who is about to go on maternity leave. We’re posing as her substitute, but teaching isn’t our strong suit… Hypnosis is. And kids love hypnotists, right?


One of our listeners told us what time her boss would be manning the phones at the pizza shop and asked us to prank them with one of the most uncomfortable pizza orders of all time!


One of our listeners wanted us to prank one of her coworkers who drives a big gas guzzling SUV. So in today’s Phone Tap we’re asking “Why do you hate the planet so much?”


In today’s Phone Tap, we call a woman who works at a vending machine company and Jose is going to confess his love for the energy drinks they’ve been providing. Over… and over… and over again…


In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is tackling the insurance game. He’s never sold insurance and he’s not exactly sure what insurance is but that doesn’t matter! He’s a natural!

Today’s Phone Tap victim is really frugal with their money, so we’re going to pose as a garage door repair man and repeatedly call him to try and nickel, dime, and up-sell him on every possible feature we can!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is doing some smart investing. A little too smart. In fact, since he’s putting so much away in his 401K we’re gonna do the helpful thing and give some of that money away to his coworkers. It’s only fair!


In today’s brand new Phone Tap, we’re calling a woman who recently purchased a house and unbeknownst to her: it’s a historical landmark! That’s right, a celebrity used to live there so she better get ready to host some tours!


Jeffrey’s calling from a retirement home and telling a woman that her grandfather is starting an uprising amongst the senior citizens. We won’t meet his demands for more pudding, but we will do a Phone Tap!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is starting a new job soon, and we’re posing as his new supervisor. We’re ready to be the COOL BOSS, the person in the office who is certain she’s the funniest person in the building.


In your Phone Tap, Jeff calls a guy who lives at home with his folks. Even though they love him, they want him to get out of the house and get a job an we have just the phone tap to help with that!


Alexis is calling a blind date and while he has tons of suggestions for places for them to eat, she can always seem to find a problem with every single one of them.


Today’s Phone Tap victim recently dropped off his laptop to be repaired. He’s a little worried about his information being stolen, but Jose is actually going to do much, more worse to it instead.


Jeffrey is Phone Tapping a grocery store manager and asking for a wine recommendation. He doesn’t know much about wine, but what little advice he does have is gonna come back to bite him.


We feel for today’s Phone Tap victim because he’s been bothered by needy customers complaining about the Zoo he works at and today he’s getting a complaint we guarantee he’s never heard in his entire life!


Brooke calls a guy who hired a decluttering service to clean up his place. They came to clean while he was out of town and they might have gone over and above in what they chose to throw out…


In your Phone Tap, we’re suing a department store manager for his horrible taste in music playlists. You think you can put your employees and customers through that musical torture? Not on our watch!


Jose and Brooke teamed up for a dual Phone Tap and worked together to prank an unsuspecting coffee shop patron…


In your Phone Tap, we call a guy who is in desperate need for a plumber, and while he’s out of the house his biggest nightmare scenario is coming true… and it’s all because of Jose.


Brooke calls a young stud whose been using the free Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop… and Brooke loves those bad boys…


Jeffrey is posing as a Life Coach and calling today’s Phone Tap victim with some inspiring words. Everybody get your Sky Hands ready!


In today’s Phone Tap Brooke calls a guy who has been falling asleep at work, and now his coworkers have decided to get even with him by revealing all the juicy secrets he’s been “sleep talking” about!


This was Jose’s first ever Phone Tap as “Finley”! He hails from the Scottish Isles, and he’s hoping to help out… if you can understand him…


In today’s Phone Tap, Jeffrey calls a mother to tell her that her son got in trouble at school and now they’re going to collaborate how on to punish him. His idea? Janitor Fights.


In today’s Phone Tap, Brooke calls a woman whose friends told us she uses “Siri” on her iPhone way too much, so we’re putting a limit on her Siri usage. We’re Apple and we can do that!

 We’re calling a mom worried about her son’s first time away at camp. There’s nothing to worry about though, this camp is simply a feeder program for an Amazon Warehouse. Hard work is fun!


Brooke calls a woman whose friends told us she uses “Siri” on her iPhone way too much, so we’re putting a limit on her Siri usage. We’re Apple and we can do that!


The guy we’re calling had hired an exterminator to take care of a rat problem, but we sent Jose instead… and he doesn’t deal with any pests bigger than a house fly.


Today’s Phone Tap victim is one of the most polite people we’ve ever tried to prank, and Jeffrey is going to try to hardest to get the guy to curse him out, no matter what it takes.


Running a lemonade stand in a busy neighborhood is a tough gig… Especially when you’re up against the “Thurber Lemonade Empire.” In your new Phone Tap we’re drawing territory lines in the refreshment game.


Multitasking is usually a good thing. But when you’re trying to make just a quick call, and it sounds like your banker is making a 4 course meal on the other line… it’s not. Hear what we mean in your Phone Tap!


We’re pranking a camp counselor by revealing some of the insanely bizarre dietary restrictions our son has while away at camp. Nobody better disrespect his dietary needs!


In today’s Phone Tap we’re calling a guy who just ordered a new laptop and its been weeks and he still has nothing to show for it. The delivery company hasn’t been helpful, and we’re not gonna make his day any easier either!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is dedicated church goer, so we’re gonna try and get under his skin and accuse him of leaving some counterfeit bills in the collection plate!


Plenty of times we get requests from people who want to Phone Tap their co-workers and today one guy is getting initiated into his new job with his very own personal nickname courtesy of Young Jeffrey! 


We’re calling the mother of a pre-schooler to let her know her new pre-school has a peculiar curriculum. It’s called “The Full House Method” and it’s the brain child of Brooke Fox!


Today’s Phone Tap victim is about to learn his new landlord is a huge big-time conspiracy theorist. Get your tinfoil hat ready for your Phone Tap!


Today’s Phone Tap victim donated a lot of money to her kid’s school fundraiser, but what does that money actually go to? FELONS. At least that’s what we’re gonna tell her…


Jose calls a woman who’s selling appliances herself online. He’s ready to negotiate and his “best offer” is no where close to what she had in mind.


Today’s Phone Tap victim just got a new upstairs neighbor, so we’re going to call him and introduce ourselves! And we’ve got a whole new set of issues for him to get annoyed at.


In today’s Phone Tap, we call a guy who has been having trouble sleeping at night, so we call him with results from the sleep study that he just participated in. And he’s got a raging case of “Triple S…”


Today’s Phone Tap victim is waiting to hear the results of her best friend’s baby’s gender reveal party, but before she could get the truth, we Phone Tapped her with all the tantalizing details!


Brooke calls a guy who just got rid of a raccoon infestation. But Brooke works for the city and she’s going to clamp down on him for his illegal eviction!


One woman just wants to pick up her altered dress from the tailor, but with new rules in place we’re not gonna make it easy for her to just “stop by” anymore.


 Jose is calling from jail and is desperate for the one guy who picks up the phone to not hang up on Jose’s ONE phone call. How far will one man go for an alleged felon that he doesn’t know?


Today’s Phone Tap victim runs a foodie account on Instagram so we’re calling her to tell her she can’t post any pictures of meat. That’s not vegan friendly, fam!


Jose calls a woman who is waiting on the final edits of the photos from her wedding day. Lucky for her, he’s stepped in at the last second and he made some last-minute changes to the biggest day of her life.


In today’s Phone Tap, Jose calls a guy who has been trying really hard to win the lottery and lets him know if he’s finally won the big one.


Today’s Phone Tap victim is being haunted by something from her past… specifically Librarian Brooke, who is coming to collect on late fees for an overdue book from 20 years ago.

Coming up in your brand new Phone Tap, the woman we’re pranking just wants to leave a complaint about a bad restaurant experience she had, but the EXACT same THING happened to Jose and he can’t wait to tell her about it!

Today’s Phone Tap victim is house shopping and hasn’t had any luck… So, Brooke is gonna call him and pretend the be the owner of the house he wants and demand some eccentric items to help him close the deal.


In today’s new Phone Tap, Jeffrey is working the lost and found desk, and while one guy just wants to track down his jacket, Jeffrey’s dozens of phone alarms are going to make that difficult!


It can be awkward when you don’t remember someone but they 100% know everything about you… it gets even more awkward when that stranger invites you to be the best man at their wedding!


In today’s Phone Tap from Brooke, we call someone who thinks she’s accepting the job of a lifetime, but before her first day her manager got fired and now Brooke is the one taking over. 


Brooke calls a mom who’s on edge about her son starting driving school. Nothing to worry about though, her son is in Driving Instructor Brooke’s hands, so what could possibly go wrong!


Jeff calls a real estate agent to try and find a new place. Not so much a place… as a lair. Superheroes needs real estate help too!


Today’s Phone Tap victim was just told her bosses hired some outside help to cut costs. So… we’re posing as the consultant to let her know about the rude awakening that’s on its way to her office…


Jose is putting on his reporter hat today and ambushing a coffee shop owner about some nefarious rumors about his beans! Scandal!


Jose is pranking a hiring manager during a phone interview and he’s going to be visited by some unwanted guests that quickly take the call off the rails! 


We got an email from an orthodontist asking us to Phone Tap his new receptionist. We guarantee she’s never had a call as bizarre and uncomfortable as Jeffrey and his demanding patient requests…


As a parent there’s nothing more precious than seeing your child achieve new milestones. So in today’s Phone Tap, Brooke is calling a daycare to accuse them of STEALING those memories from her!


In today’s Phone Tap, we’re offering a brand new upgrade to a popular streaming service. It’s complimentary, comprehensive and a cacophony. Introducing: Disney Plus Plus!


Smooth talking lothario “Rolando” is back for another Phone Tap today! He’s calling to schedule a photoshoot, and he has some very… specific… instructions for the photographer.


In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is introducing himself to his new boss at a Tour Bus Company, and he needs to be upfront about his rhythmic and funky condition called “Dope Tikulitis.”


The Ad Pharmacist – Coming up in your Phone Tap, one man just wants to fill his prescription over the phone, but Brooke has a different remedy for his ailments: Ads, Ads, and more Ads.


Goodwill – Today’s Phone Tap victim is a frequent donator of clothing and Brooke is gonna call her up and let her know that her “style” just isn’t nice enough for Goodwill. Do better people!


Outrageous Cruise Winner – In today’s Phone Tap, we called a woman who just won a week-long trip on a cruise but before she can collect her prize we were prepared by her husband with the perfect ways to stress her out to the maximum.

Porta Potty Problems – In today’s Phone Tap, Jose ingested some substances and got himself locked in a Porta Potty and now he’s calling today’s Phone Tap victim to see if there’s any chance he can come and perform a rescue.


Happy Jalapeño Day – Today’s Phone Tap victim is going to get the BEST customer service they’ve ever had. In fact, we’re going to be so good & helpful it’s going to be borderline annoying. Happy Jalapeño Day!