Phone Taps

By bonneville on January 4, 2021

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Today’s Phone Tap victim is being haunted by something from her past… specifically Librarian Brooke, who is coming to collect on late fees for an overdue book from 20 years ago.

Coming up in your brand new Phone Tap, the woman we’re pranking just wants to leave a complaint about a bad restaurant experience she had, but the EXACT same THING happened to Jose and he can’t wait to tell her about it!

Today’s Phone Tap victim is house shopping and hasn’t had any luck… So, Brooke is gonna call him and pretend the be the owner of the house he wants and demand some eccentric items to help him close the deal.


In today’s new Phone Tap, Jeffrey is working the lost and found desk, and while one guy just wants to track down his jacket, Jeffrey’s dozens of phone alarms are going to make that difficult!


It can be awkward when you don’t remember someone but they 100% know everything about you… it gets even more awkward when that stranger invites you to be the best man at their wedding!


In today’s Phone Tap from Brooke, we call someone who thinks she’s accepting the job of a lifetime, but before her first day her manager got fired and now Brooke is the one taking over. 


Brooke calls a mom who’s on edge about her son starting driving school. Nothing to worry about though, her son is in Driving Instructor Brooke’s hands, so what could possibly go wrong!


Jeff calls a real estate agent to try and find a new place. Not so much a place… as a lair. Superheroes needs real estate help too!


Today’s Phone Tap victim was just told her bosses hired some outside help to cut costs. So… we’re posing as the consultant to let her know about the rude awakening that’s on its way to her office…


Jose is putting on his reporter hat today and ambushing a coffee shop owner about some nefarious rumors about his beans! Scandal!


Jose is pranking a hiring manager during a phone interview and he’s going to be visited by some unwanted guests that quickly take the call off the rails! 


We got an email from an orthodontist asking us to Phone Tap his new receptionist. We guarantee she’s never had a call as bizarre and uncomfortable as Jeffrey and his demanding patient requests…


As a parent there’s nothing more precious than seeing your child achieve new milestones. So in today’s Phone Tap, Brooke is calling a daycare to accuse them of STEALING those memories from her!


In today’s Phone Tap, we’re offering a brand new upgrade to a popular streaming service. It’s complimentary, comprehensive and a cacophony. Introducing: Disney Plus Plus!


Smooth talking lothario “Rolando” is back for another Phone Tap today! He’s calling to schedule a photoshoot, and he has some very… specific… instructions for the photographer.


In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is introducing himself to his new boss at a Tour Bus Company, and he needs to be upfront about his rhythmic and funky condition called “Dope Tikulitis.”


The Ad Pharmacist – Coming up in your Phone Tap, one man just wants to fill his prescription over the phone, but Brooke has a different remedy for his ailments: Ads, Ads, and more Ads.


Goodwill – Today’s Phone Tap victim is a frequent donator of clothing and Brooke is gonna call her up and let her know that her “style” just isn’t nice enough for Goodwill. Do better people!


Outrageous Cruise Winner – In today’s Phone Tap, we called a woman who just won a week-long trip on a cruise but before she can collect her prize we were prepared by her husband with the perfect ways to stress her out to the maximum.

Porta Potty Problems – In today’s Phone Tap, Jose ingested some substances and got himself locked in a Porta Potty and now he’s calling today’s Phone Tap victim to see if there’s any chance he can come and perform a rescue.


Happy Jalapeño Day – Today’s Phone Tap victim is going to get the BEST customer service they’ve ever had. In fact, we’re going to be so good & helpful it’s going to be borderline annoying. Happy Jalapeño Day!