Phone Taps

By minthavisak on January 4, 2021

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1/22/21 – In your brand new Phone Tap, we’re uninviting someone to a wedding in the worst way we know how: musically, with Jose’s new Barbershop OneTet!

1/21/21 – Time for a brand new Phone Tap! Today’s victim got called out by her coworkers for her “Zoom Etiquette” while working from home and we’re here to lay down the law now.

1/20/21 – In today’s new Phone Tap we’re onboarding a new employee to the office. Hope he’s ready for some team-building activities, and by team-building we mean Inter-Office Kissing Train!

1/19/21 – In your Phone Tap, we’re suing a department store manager for his horrible taste in music playlists. You think you can put your employees and customers through that musical torture? Not on our watch!


1/19/21 – Time for a brand new Phone Tap! Today we call a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor. But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef!


1/15/21 – Today’s Phone Tap victim recently had an accident with a tree while skiing… His friends know he’s embarrassed about it so they set him up with a Phone Tap where we’re sticking him with the bill to fix the tree!

1/15/21 – In today’s Phone Tap, Jose calls a woman to let her know the alterations on her dress are taking a little longer than anticipated and also he put a hole in the dress. Nothing a little denim patchwork can’t fix!


1/14/21 – In today’s new Phone Tap, we’re calling a dog mom about her pup’s recent behavior and our bark is just as bad as our bite! 


1/14/21 – In your Phone Tap, Brooke is calling a guy who recently bought a new home but he skimped on one important thing: Ghost Inspection. And this place is crawling with them!


1/13/21 – In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a woman who recently negotiated a reduced rent structure with her landlord. Luckily, they agreed! But now with less rent, it’s time for less apartment. It’s only fair!


1/13/21 – Every one deserves a sandwich made by a true ARTIST at least once in their life. Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants some lunch but he’s getting a brilliant sandwich from Jose’s character “Rolando.”

1/12/21 – In today’s new Phone Tap, Brooke calls a mom who’s on edge about her son starting driving school. Nothing to worry about though, her son is in Driving Instructor Brooke’s hands, so what could possibly go wrong!


1/11/21 – In today’s new Phone Tap, Brooke is calling a guy who forgot to return a DVD to a Redbox and now those fines are catching up to him in a BIG way. It’s downright criminal… 

1/11/21 – In today’s Brand New Phone Tap, Jeffrey gets to pretend to be one of the most annoying people on earth: a solicitor for donations from your alma mater.


1/8/21 – In today’s Phone Tap we’re calling a guy who just ordered a new laptop and its been weeks and he still has nothing to show for it. The delivery company hasn’t been helpful, and we’re not gonna make his day any easier either!


1/8/21 – Now that vaccines are rolling out, Brooke is calling an office manager who just wants some answers for his employees about when they’ll get it. Spoiler alert: She’s not very helpful.


1/7/21 – One of our listeners wanted us to prank one of her coworkers who drives a big gas guzzling SUV. So in today’s Phone Tap we’re asking “Why do you hate the planet so much?” 

1/7/21 – In today’s Phone Tap, Brooke calls a woman whose friends told us she uses “Siri” on her iPhone way too much, so we’re putting a limit on her Siri usage. We’re Apple and we can do that!

1/6/21 – If there’s one lesson to take from today’s Phone Tap it’s this: beware of any scandalous photos on your phone’s camera roll and protect them at all costs…

1/6/21 – In today’s new Phone Tap, Jose is tackling the insurance game. He’s never sold insurance and he’s not exactly sure what insurance is but that doesn’t matter! He’s a natural!

1/5/21 – Job interviews can be so stressful, and they’re especially nerve-wracking when you can’t answer a SINGLE question the interviewer has for you. That’s Jeffrey’s dilemma in today’s brand new Phone Tap!

1/5/21 – In your Phone Tap, Jose is calling from jail and is desperate for the one guy who picks up the phone to not hang up on Jose’s ONE phone call. How far will one man go for an alleged felon that he doesn’t know?

1/4/21 – Jose calls a guy who booked a company to install Christmas lights around his house. Long story short things did NOT go well and he’s on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages.

1/4/21 – Brooke calls a guy who ate at a restaurant last night, and there’s a good chance his food accidentally contained someone else’s ENGAGEMENT RING!