Person Calls 911 To Report Plane Crash Near Dinosaur [PIC]

A man set up a plane crash in his front yard as a halloween decoration, and naturally his neighbors started calling 911 thinking it was the real deal.

By WKBW on October 16, 2018
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Spoiler alert – it’s all halloween decorations. Ok, so people are getting more and more creative with their decorations for halloween. We’re hearing more and more stories about people reporting dead bodies, vandalism – the works. There was one lady who wrote “help me” in a blood-like color on the inside of one of her windows. It was her only decoration at the time. You can see the problem there.

Back to the story titled above. This guy, I guess he had a plane just kicking around his house, so he disassembled it. He laid it out in his yard to make it look like it crashed – that’s the halloween decoration. Obviously you can see the problem with this sort of thing. Sure enough, a neighbor called 911 to report a plane crash in their neighborhood. I mean, if I pull onto my street and find an airplane in my neighbor’s yard, I’m probably doing the same thing. Anyway, fire & rescue crews arrived with the highway patrol to check out the situation.

The man who set up the decoration is 85-year-old Delbert Holsinger. He’s retired military, and has a good sense of humor. Coming out from within the cockpit of the plane is a fake skeleton and a witch, made to look like they were flying. Delbert says he wants to add another witch and a broom somewhere in front of the plane to make it look like the plane crashed into another witch. In addition to the plane crash decoration, he’s also got a dinosaur skeleton in his yard. Still though, skeletons, pumpkins, fake bodies, yes – but a plane crash is a little odd for a halloween decoration.

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