Pedialyte Made A Hangover Drink For Adults

This might be what you need to kick off 2019!

By Doug Lazy on December 28, 2018
Image Credit: Flickr User Sean Freese
Image Credit: Flickr User Sean Freese

The makers of Pedialyte know that lots of adults use the drink to help cure hangovers so they made a new product called Sparkling Rush just for grownups that’s good for hangover symptoms… reports the makers of Pedialyte Sparkling Rush “contains essential minerals such as sodium and potassium that are responsible for maintaining proper fluid levels in your body”.  Sparkling Rush reportedly contains less sugar than the average sports drink. The new product is a powder that you mix with water. Although it’s not being marketed as a “hangover cure”, we think a lot of people will be using it for that reason! It can also be used after working out, a stomach bug or heat exhaustion. It’s currently sold out online but the makers are hoping to restock it before the start of the new year.

Lead Image Credit: Flickr User Sean Freese

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