Owen Wilson Causes Hotel Evacuation

Owen Wilson and his mystery date set off the smoke detector at a hotel and causing an evacuation in the middle of the night.

By nowproducerdave on March 22, 2018
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney)

Oops. Owen Wilson decided that, while staying in a hotel with a date in Miami, he wanted a cigarette. Instead of going outside, he lit up right there in the room, and set off the smoke alarm.

Owen Wilson has been working on a movie with Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler and QuvenzhanĂ© Wallis, and apparently he needed a quick relaxing trip in Miami. He was staying in the hotel room with a woman, a yet-unidentified blonde, and they’re both smokers, apparently. At some point during the night, one of the two wanted a cigarette, but didn’t seem to want to go outside to light up. Owen reportedly took the blame, and sources are saying that he lit up “near the bathroom.” Yeah, oops.

Owen set off the smoke alarm in the hotel by smoking a cigarette near the bathroom… The entire hotel was evacuated.

There’s also some video footage presumably from a security camera (the video seems to have been removed from the internet for some reason since the story broke UPDATE: TMZ has the video now, check it out here), that shows the two outside after the alarm went off, dancing to the tune of the siren. Then while the mystery woman was smoking another cigarette, Owen set his drink down on a table and the two sort of “casually slip[ed] out and into the night.” Check out some more details here.

I feel like there would be more questioning or something for causing the evacuation of an entire hotel in the middle of the night. But I guess when that happens, you just shrug it away and slip away into the night. No word on where the two went or for how long they were gone. Have you ever been in a hotel during a false alarm? Was it as casual as what they seem to say the story was?

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