OUCH – That Poor Referee Didn’t See That Coming, Then Scores

A hockey goal doesn’t exactly count after the puck bounces off a referee, especially not after it hits the ref THERE.

By nowproducerdave on December 13, 2018
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Hockey is a fun sport. Sure it might not be super popular here in Northern California, but it’s a very physical and dangerous sport. Just ask this referee, who got hit right *there* by a stray puck.

The downside to this story – well there are a lot of downsides, but one of them is that the goal doesn’t actually count. Since the puck deflected off the referee, it’s not a good goal. The ref probably was a little relieved about that, after being relieved from the ice. So what happened was one of the players shot the puck down ice. The puck hit the ref right in the pucks, and it deflected towards the goal. It then bounced off the goalie’s skates, and went right in. Celebrations started before the ref even hit the ice – it’s that fast.

Yeah – ouch. That made me cringe, HARD. But, like stated above, it bounced off the ref, so it doesn’t count. It still makes for a story, and what a perfect string of events. I mean, far from perfect, poor ref, but still, you couldn’t plan that. See some more info over here. The ref is expected to make a good recovery. Luckily, ice was there right away.

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