Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s Coming Soon

M&M’s have released a new flavor for this summer, and I’m arguing that it’ll probably be the best one yet, as long as it’s like the real thing.

By nowproducerdave on April 25, 2018
(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Mars Chocolate North America)

Orange Vanilla Cream is basically a perfect flavor, and now, much to my excitement, Mars candies have announced they’re releasing Orange Cream M&M’s. Let me clarify, actually. The new flavor has already been released, but it seems to be hard to find, available at Dollar General stores only it seems.

Orange Cream is one of those flavors that we’ll probably never get tired of. It takes us back to the ice cream truck when we were kids, and I’ll be honest – I always have at least one Orange Cream soda in my fridge. There’s just something about the flavor that just makes us happy, right? M&M’s are finally catching on to that, and released their newest flavor for the summer. They’ve been on a roll recently with theme-flavors, like their “Cookies and Scream” for Halloween, Easter Sundae a couple years ago, etc.

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Are you a fan of Orange Cream like me, or am I in my own boat? It seems like they’re pretty popular anyway, since some people have been saying that some stores are selling out pretty fast. Also – they’re already showing up on eBay, so if you’re more into buying candy from strangers on the internet, you could always give that a shot I guess.. Here’s a map of the Dollar General stores in Sacramento, so you can find the one closest to you.

What other orange cream flavors have you come across? Obviously the creamsicles, and the orange cream sodas. They have some alcohol out there too with an orange vanilla cream “flavor.” M&M’s now, and I just realized – I’ve never seen orange cream ice cream? I’m sure it exists, it’s just nothing I’ve really looked for, for some reason. Looks like I’m hitting the grocery store on my way home today. Here’s a little more info about the M&M’s.

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