Old Sacramento’s Ten22 To Close In March

An Old Sacramento restaurant is closing to make way for new space that would better appeal to tourism in the area. Get all the details here.

By nowproducerdave on February 23, 2018

The Ten22 restaurant in Old Sacramento is going to be closing in March. That’s not all though, that coffee shop right next door is closing too. This comes after the beginning of other changes happening around Old Sacramento, namely the boardwalk change that has many people up in arms.

Ten22 opened in the Orleans building back in 2009, and in that time it has become a favorite of many. The restaurant, owned by Harvego Restaurant Group is on the first floor of the Orleans building, which is also owned by the Harvego family. The coffee shop, District, which just opened in 2016 directly next door to Ten22 is set to close on the same day as Ten22, which will be March 2nd.

Why the close? Well, there was no mention or poor performance, but it seems that there are other opportunities to use the space for something that would better appeal to tourism. Terry Harvego, co-owner of the restaurant group, says that Mayor Darrell Steinberg has been pushing to get more tourism in the area of Old Sac, and the restaurant group has a couple ideas in place, including an “alternative concept” as a new plan, and he’s also open to other businesses coming in to use the space.

The Harvego Group also owns The Firehouse restaurant down the street, and there are currently no plans to close that restaurant. Check out some more details on their plans here. Old Sacramento is sort of going through a transition, the most obvious portion is the boardwalk remodel that started last year where they’re replacing all the old uneven boards with concrete to make it more pedestrian friendly.

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