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Nutella Lipstick Is A Thing Now – ‘Nude-tella’ [PIC]

There’s a company that names their makeup after snacks and desserts, and they just introduced a Nutella-themed line of lipstick.

Yep, it’s Nutella lipstick. We’re not sure if they taste like Nutella, but the sticks do smell like Nutella.

A company called Beauty Bakerie made the new shades, and obviously had fun with naming duty. The Nutella-scented lipstick called “Nude-Tella” is a series which includes four shades. They have “Nudi-Tea,” “Skinny Dip,” “Birthday Suit,” and “Bake it Naked.” You see where they’re going with this.

The company makes a ton of other products, all seemingly named after various snacks and desserts. They have powders sold in ice cream containers, graham cracker-themes eyeshadow (“do it for the graham,” they say), and a bunch of other stuff. Interesting, we’ve never heard of this company, and we wonder why it hasn’t taken off more.



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