By Doug Lazy on July 7, 2010

A 91-year-old women was found living with the corpses of her husband and twin sister, and will be allowed to keep them there in her home if she installs a mausoleum or crypt. Pennsylvania police have been investigating this case since mid-june according to the Associated Press, the women told the AP that she kept the bodies off her loved ones because she wanted to see and talk to them. Also since she was claustrophobic she couldn’t stand the thought of them being caskets in the ground. Authorities found the body of her husband on a couch in the garage detached from the house and the body of her twin sister on a couch in the spare bedroom.  The women had them dug up shortly after they died her husband in 1999 and her sister in October and tended to their remains at her rural property outside the northern Pennsylvania town.

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