NOW… What???

By Doug Lazy on August 12, 2010

Remember you parents telling you to make sure to chew your food? Well a 75-year-old Massachusetts man had to find out the hard way that they were right. When doctors found a dark spot on the man’s lungs they thought it was cancer.  The former teacher worked for years smoking fish and had already had emphysema before he felt his health take a turn for the worse. When he got to the hospital the man had a collapsed left lung and pneumonia. Two biopsies came back negative for lung cancer. After feeding a scope down the man’s throat, the doctor scraped away at an encrusted mass and discovered a sprout. The man had inhaled a pea that took root in his lung. After the pea was removed the man’s health returned…In his first meal in the hospital after the extraction you’ll never guess what the vegetable item was that they gave him… Peas.

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