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By Doug Lazy on July 6, 2010

This Saturday on UFC 116 fight fans got to see an incredible card topped off by Brock Lesner’s return to the octagon to defeat Shane Carwin by submission in the second of the 5 round Heavyweight Championship fight. Click for more…. Brock was dominated by Carwin in the first round knocking Lesner off his vertical base and then pounding him. Many could say that the referee could have stopped the fight then, however Lesner stayed busy and waited out the round. In the second Brock came back at Carwin taking him down and tapping Carwin out with a choke. Lesner is in no way known for his submission skill more for his wrestling but on this night he showed the world that no only can he ground and pound people into oblivion, but he can also make people tap. After giving Carwin his first MMA defeat the question still stands. Can any one beat Brock Lesner? The jury is still out on that one.

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