Northern California Man Escapes Jail After Two Days

A guy was finally able to escape jail after serving half of his 4-day sentence, only to be caught and sent back for more time.

By nowproducerdave on May 1, 2018
(Photo by Jean Chung/Getty Images)

It happened in Sonoma County, a man climbed a fence, went over the top of razor wire, and escaped jail. He was only in jail for 2 days at that point. The kicker is that he only had 2 more days on his original sentence. He literally escaped with 2 days left. Moron.

Originally, the man was arrested for driving under the influence, booked, and sent to jail. His sentence was only for 4 days. Four days. After serving just two days of that sentence, he hatched a plan to escape. Who wants to serve a 4-day sentence when you can escape and just be free? Nevermind the possibility of being caught, re-captured, and sentenced for even more time, which is exactly what happened here.

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The man decided in his infinite wisdom to scale a fence around the jail. He was able to successfully climb the fence, only to be greeted by the barbed-wire topper. “Meh” the guy must have thought, and he was able to get over the wire, and down the other side of the fence. That’s some hardcore escaping there, guy, right over that fence. Anyway, the jail knew someone had escaped, and within 38 minutes, they determined who it was, where he went, and were able to find him.

The guy was found in a creek (presumably washing his wounds from the fence), and there was a bloody, jail-issued shirt near where he was discovered. He will be charged with felony escape and have many more days added to his original 2 remaining days. All of a sudden a 4-day sentence doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Check out some more on the story here.

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